Vidya Balan Exclusively Talks on her “Do Aur Do Pyaar” movie Release

Vidya Balan, an Indian Bollywood actress who has done many diverse films played those characters immensely well by breaking the stereotype. Her movies like Mission Mangal, Dirty Picture, Kahani, etc where she has given female-centric films a different light. Now her new release named Do aur Do Pyar, while talking about the subject of the film she talked about relationships, situations, love, cheating in relationships, and so on which are also the core subjects of the movie.

The personalities of children are mostly shaped by the people they are surrounded by, the media content they consume in their growing age and the things they come across. Based on the fundamentals the children make their life decisions afterwards in life. We are byproducts of our parents and our childhood. Then later on the people, especially the significant others, who come into our lives shape our personalities. Most of the portions a person looks at things, situations and life in general have to do with who the person is with. There is another aspect to it that in a certain situation, one has to become the person he/ she wants to become according to the response or reaction to the circumstance.

In a relationship, there are mostly two types of people, one is safety-conscious, the other is an adventurous one, one partner is protective, and rock solid for the loved ones, and another is a carefree, going-with-the-flow personality. We always outsource certain parts of our personalities that are conflicted with us from our partners/ the person with whom we live in a healthy relationship which persists in the long run. That is the reason it is believed that one looks for it’s parents within the partner. Because a person wants that same connection to continue with the partner.

It is seen that generally, the generation of women has their mothers as homemakers, sacrificing a lot of things for families, children and marriage, women always desire and aspire fiercely to become career women in life. It is probably because as it is mentioned above children are the byproducts. of their parents and childhood. The situations and circumstances those young women would have seen with their mothers, might not be wanting for themselves.

The partners should not be forced to change because of the other person’s choice or liking. Every individual needs a private space as they are different personalities. To resolve the unnecessary friction in relationships one needs to understand that give the other person some time to fix their minds or mood if needed. The other person doesn’t need to understand every bit of things that you are going through at a certain point in time. A certain amount of space, conversation and patience is needed. It makes life so simple by expressing what exactly one needs at a particular time, maybe some time alone, privacy, soothing alone time. At the same time if you are a person who can be in a space to spend some amount of time with your family, and your loved ones even though you had a long day at work, and a hectic schedule then you should spare that much of time and space for them because when you are at work they are understanding your position by not disturbing or intervening.

A brutal fact about life lessons is that one should be there for herself/ himself at some point. Self-love and support are necessary to keep oneself balanced. If you are in a mood to be in a certain way for some time, get a pleasant calmness alone, you should stand by yourself. Eventually, others will understand and thongs will be smooth in a great manner. Honesty is way better than being compulsive in a relationship. Expressing your honest needs, feelings, emotions, and wants is not incorrect rather it matures the relationship. You are entitled to your wishes, feelings, and freedom as well. The overcompensation of time in any relationship to conceal past guilt is foolishness because then you will be in a constant deficit as you are missing out on the present moment. You are not living at the moment to the fullest extent. You are paying/repaying the interest.

In a relationship, when one partner is hustling, and the other person is at home, he/ she is always in a complaint mode. So the best way to handle the situation and make it healthy is that show you are thankful for the person who is at home managing everything so that you can go out and work, earn, and be at peace in your space. Instead of apologising for the same mistake every day, one should just thank the other person for adding immense value to her/ his existence, complete the relationship and increase the importance of the other person.

Another person cannot make you feel good about yourself. The other person can only make us better versions of ourselves or help us discover aspects of ourselves which we did not know existed. Yet, unless we resolve that within ourselves we keep seeking and fail to constantly as self-worth is not an external process. It is very important as well in a relationship to add something new in a period so that your relationship remains fresh and fabulous. When we talk about men and women, men are driven by objectives and achievements whereas women are driven by feelings and emotions.

The present time is such both men and women are falling prey to the theory of objectivity. Once achieves something be it a person, or a relationship, it is treated like a piece of furniture. There is a lack of connection between the persons. The time is about left swiping or right swiping not knowing, understanding or connecting with the person. Today’s generation is busy projecting an image, seeking validation, and espousing certain views not knowing or feeling their soul. If a person is not connected to him/ herself it is impossible to get connected to a relationship. People having low self-esteem will seek out others who reconfirm that for them. When the possibility of that connection appears they run away from it citing some fault in it.

The new movie featuring Vidya Balan called “Do aur Do Pyaar” is about relationships, love and a rom-com. It is a light light-hearted film which will light up the mood. It is a full package of love, laughter, comedy, and drama.