Doubts About School Transformation

t is a welcome step to transform the infrastructure in more than 4, 000 schools in two phases under the 5 – T scheme. However, its management, sustainability and security are very problematic. The plan of action for the Utkarsha Vidyalaya Yojana with the implementation of Utkarsha Vidyalaya Scheme and MO School Yojana along with 4 other schemes needed to be changed as there are so many fundings granted. Again there are exceptions in some schools even though the scheme has special guidelines on which areas to invest Rs. 4.5 lakh in.

The shareholders in this organisation are headmasters, alumni, 11 members of MO School Committee senior teachers, members of the school management committee, and officials from the government department. After all the district administration is the chief district commissioner. And this organisation has many decision-makers. These people are human beings but in disguise. Among them is the transformation plan, which is covered in inhumane greed and a victim of government fraud. The transformation of the human being involved in that action is paramount. It takes a creative mind to make good use of money.

Especially those schools that were over 50 years old and has tin, asbestos, roofs could have been converted to concrete roofs and in those class, rooms could be made smart classrooms, e-libraries, etc. If so, these schools would be expected to last for the next 50 years. But the use of the old classrooms which are now used as classrooms with an old concrete roof raises questions about the life of the old house. On the other hand, children are studying in classrooms with old, weather-beaten tin roofs that are normally dangerous. The redevelopment plan will pave the grass field within the school into concrete, which could endanger the environment and also can be dangerous for children. According to the government’s announcement, every school for the next four years will have to take steps to prepare for gardening and organic mature while clearing grass, soil and trees are going on. Some playgrounds are attached to the classroom verandah, which is sure to disrupt play class lessons for children with play periods.

Two of the most effective aspects of transformation are the concept of new forms of infrastructure and filling in the gap. However, the foundation has been in a state of despair since 1986 and since 2000 has been a shortage of teachers and educators. This will be followed by a statement on the importance of quality. It is not appropriate to blame the teachers on the quality of education as long as new teachers and educators are not appointed. Its success depends on the strong mentality of the educators.

The transformation process has been started by teaching the students through digital mode. Smart classes have been set up in many English medium schools and model schools in the state. So the most important aspect is the security of the digital classrooms. No teachers or headmasters lives within the school. Security personnel from some private agencies should be appointed immediately for the security of the classrooms in the evening and night. It is necessary to appoint at least two peons and one cleaning worker for its daily cleanliness. The government needs to be aware that the teachers and principals, the clerks and computer teachers at present are burdened with so much work. Other than teaching, guarding the school is out of their job profile. There would not create any difference amongst the school environment, alumni society and public if the transformation plans were made transparently by the government. A survey committee should be set up with alumni and school management committee members to determine its value. The principal of the school should not be involved in this. Now it is seen that in many reputed schools, the vigilance investigation phase is being undertaken because of differences created with some incompetent principals. This instance is making the attractive transformation plan dull.
The lack of suitable teachers and educators in the transformation schools is urgent to address. Grade 2 can be made by giving importance to experienced headmaster positions, but the newly appointed headmaster positions should be abolished. Sometimes the involvement of politicians can be also a cause of concern. If there is a school of transformation and excellence and an Adarsha School built recently, then its transformation will be terrible. Some government schools can survive if entrance exams would be introduced in these types of schools.