The Ideology of the BJP: Political Campaigns and Strategies for the Election Battle

The rallies and campaign trails have begun to catch fire for the upcoming election. The ruling party is asserting to get more than 400 seats. The opposition and the critics are claiming that the BJP will alternate the whole constitution if comes to power this time.

The ruling party, states that the targets are set based on grassroots reality. BJP is a party holding the purpose of serving the people not advocating dictatorship. The government has made such strong, difficult decisions, without being frightened of the repercussions on the party to enhance the economic stature of the country in the World Forum. The commitment and determination of the prime minister are mistaken or wrongly portrayed as a dictatorship. It is propagated in the wrong way that it is the period of undeclared emergency by the opposition.

The allegations of BJP being a majoritarian, caste-based, and Hindu-Hindi dominant party,  are baseless, the BJP government has equally worked for the development of Tamilnadu, for example, the government has set up defence corridors in the two biggest states in the country, Uttar Pradesh and the other is Tamilnadu. If going by the argument of being a Hindi imposition party the government would not have taken this step for Tamilnafu. The schemes implemented by the government are not only segregated to the mother states but all the facilities and schemes are equally beneficial for the southern states as well. So the narrative that has been created that the government is discriminating against the southern part of the country based on language, religion and race is completely baseless and incorrect.

Sanatan dharma is not a religion, it is a way of living. It is an ideology that preaches the welfare of mankind. It does not involve any caste, class, or creed, and neither does the BJP government take any decision on such grounds. The party takes all the decisions and actions within the sphere of its dignity. The party does not do politics only to form government but to build the nation. It is the deflection of the history of our nation that we consider the whole world as our family. So BJP goes with the same ideology of the country as an entire family.

Ram temple has become a political issue now as the opposition claims that the timing of the conversation of the temple is well planned according to the 2024 election. In every political campaign, it is mentioned from both sides, the ruling party as well as the opposition. The opposition leaders are diverting the people by giving false information and making them aides me the real intention of their narratives.

There has to be robust opposition to have a healthy democracy in the country. The opposition is only doing politics without any evidence. All the institutions like the judiciary, ED, and CBI are independently working as per the constituents. The agencies will take their course and everything will be crystal clear. The same goes for the issue of electoral bonds which is in the hands of the apex court. Whatever the decision would be it will be accepted by the party.

It is said that the election manifesto of the Congress is more towards minority appeasement. Whereas BJP stresses working towards equality for all and appeasement for none. The foreign media is constantly writing about the Indian government being majoritarian, but during the time of G20, all the foreign countries that participated in the program praised the economic growth of the country. It might be the factor that leads to the rapid economic upsurge of our country in the global sphere the foreign media or countries are getting covetous but it is undeniable that the stature of our country has risen in the global market during the tenure of Narendra Modi.

There should be a proper balance of politics by highlighting the issues of the people, and working on the issues to build pressure on the state governments so that the decision has to be taken in favour of the people. BJP aspires and is determined to work on the path of developing the system first to make in the nation. This is why inclusive politics is the motto of the party to bring about a round development of the nation. Those who accept and understand the ideologies and value system of the party are included in the party. The country needs to see a leader who can reach the nation at par in the international forum.

Politicising the military of our country is not possible because we have a very heroic, skillful and well-trained force which we have to be proud of. The opposition is doing the kind of appeasement politics is not for the welfare of the country. It is pondered that the oldest political party in the country has no vision for the development of the country. Appeasement politics should not prevail rather there has to be politics based on justice, and humanity. Whenever there is a terrorist attack, innocent people lose lives, we lose our brave jawans it is apparent that one will get furious, and revengeful. We ought to be proud of the sacrifice of our wartier soldiers in the borders.