Unseasonal Rain & Unexpected Cyclone Destroys Hopes Of Farmers In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Even though cyclone Jawad has melted out fast before hitting the landmass, but the farmers are in no sound situation as the unseasonal heavy rain has already destroyed the ready to harvesting crops in various parts of Odisha.

Vegetable farmers, as well have suffered an equally heavy loss in the heavy rainfall.
The heavy rainfall precipitated by the cyclone caused a devastating impact on the farming community all across the coastal regions but the south and northern belts of the State are not spared as well.

According to the reports of the Jagatsinghpur agriculture department, more than 84, 000 hectares of agricultural land were immersed in rainwater which led to a possibility of a tremendous crop failure in the harvesting. There has been a special team committed to the assessment of crop damages.

Nearly all categories of crops have been damaged by the cyclone/rain in the state. The field staff and revenue officials are engaged in crop damage assessment. “After this survey report is published the decision will be taken on the compensation,” stated Raj Kishore Dash, District Agriculture Official, Jagatsinghpur.

The poor farmers are state of despair that how to repay the loans they have availed for cultivation, as u seasonal rainfall and storm has ruined most of the crops that were almost ready to be harvested. The farmers are, now, have no other hope except for the compensation from the government.
Not only the crops line paddy and pulses but the vegetable farmers have also bore a great brunt due to this storm.

However, Revenue Minister of Odisha, Sudam Marndi has ensured to commence the process of compensation as soon as possible right after the crop damage assessment reports are are submitted by the respective collectors. He further said, this report will be able to give a detailed picture of the damages caused by the cyclone across the state. Then, thereafter, necessary actions will be taken as per the relief code and the farmers will be granted compensation from the government”.