Whether India Poseess Enough Warships to Face China

Bhubaneswar: India needs to enlarge and reorient its workforce. The Indian military has been traditionally designed and mostly focused on land-based forces. Our country’s military is trained and more powerful in the land-based force whereas China possesses well trained, organised and well-equipped naval warfare.

The forthcoming strategic battle of the country is going to be on the high seas. China holds the world’s largest navy. So it is a positive sign that India has set its goal to achieve a strength of 170 warship forces from the present military strength of 130 warships over the coming decade. To protect India’s maritime boundaries and create a projection of military strength to counter china’s constantly strategic attacks.

India is aiming to acquire a fast and modernised naval military force. The government had proposed to accumulate more than 200 naval forces including both warships and submarines. It later came down to 170 warships which the government wanted to achieve by 2027. In contrast to this condition of the Indian military, China is in a far superior position in terms of naval force. China currently has 355 warships, whereas India on the other hand has only one nuclear-powered submarine with a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile, named the INS Arihant.

Knowing that China has a target to acquire 460 warships by 2030 and has turned into a deadly threat along with Pakistan, to whom it has recently transferred its largest and most advanced warship. In this scenario, India has to make its pace very can’t and acquire the target that jas been set. The target for 170 warships seems practically possible to achieve for India as 39 naval ships are already under construction in various Indian shipyards and two other warships are being made in Russia. The time consuming and lengthy process of contract signing, commissioning of warships etc can be a hindrance to accomplishing the goal. To avoid the delay and to match up to the target this lengthy process needs to be cut down and a faster process of budget approval and allocation for the money should be adopted. It is an urgent need for India to expand its sea legs for tackling its opponents.