The renaissance of wooden toys with Funskool’s Giggles!

Bhubaneswar : Funskool India Ltd., has developed and launched an exclusive educational wooden range of toys under their infants and pre-school brand, ‘Giggles’. These toys are made using eco-neutral or ecofriendly materials, showcasing the brand’s focus towards sustainable toys. Considering the awareness of “plastic pollution” they have come up with a range of wooden toys to educate and inspire parents to teach their children to be concerned about the health of our planet.

Parents can now make learning fun and deviant as possible with these wooden toys. The product range is sure to be a blessing for parents who may be struggling to entertain their children while they’re at home during lockdown.

Giggles by Funskool India aimed at bringing quality and longevity to the preschool market in the form of wooden toys. This range of toys is meant for children of 3 years and above.

Abacus is a simple tool using which kids can learn counting & early match skills.The solid wooden base and frame holds 10 thick coated rods with 10 colourful beads on each – 100 beads in all. Kids can slide the beads from left to right & vice versa to learn numbers, colours, patterns & early math concepts. Info Cubes is colourful set of 26 wooden blocks, featuring alphabets, numbers, shapes, puzzle & pictures, is just right for stacking, sorting, and learning! It is perfectly sized for little hands for hours of endless play. The Activity Table & Stool set is an easy-to-use kids learning desk made from durable rubber wood. The set includes a Marker, Duster, Storage Bag & 4 Locking Knobs. My Clock is shape sorting wooden clock comes with a hour, minute hand & 12 numbered blocks that sit around the clock’s face. It enables children to learn multiple concepts like time, numbers, counting, shapes & colours.

-Odisha Age