Girls Living in Pathetic Conditions in Girls’ Hostels in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar has become a hub for education in Eastern India over the years. Several educational institutions have been functioning here to provide better prospects to the students from different districts of the State and from out of the State as well. So it’s factual that many students live here in different governmental and private hostels as outstation students for their studies.
Students, in general, opt to take a seat in hostels because it’s more economically convenient. Especially girls students coming from other states and districts prefer to stay in hostels in different areas of the capital city rather than hiring a rental house or room.  Possibly because of this economic feasibility, many of the girl’s students choose to stay in a hostel here. But except for less amount hostel fees, other basic facilities are limited.  It’s overcrowded rooms such as four to five students share one single room.
The majority of house owners wish to rent their houses to girls or make them a private hostel. By giving accommodation to girls students, firstly the house owners get comparatively more money, and secondly, the electricity and water bills are reduced during holidays, as students go home at that time.
However, it is a cost-effective deal for the house owners. Notwithstanding that the girl students in the hostels seem to be facing several problems like toilet problems, lack of proper sanitation and cleanliness problems, and so on. Moreover cooking is one of the major problems that they face in these private hostels.  In a single room where 5 to 6 students are accommodating, how feasible would it be to cook in the same room? It makes it difficult for the students to live and study.
It is to note that there are a few hostels that are good in the Capital City of, Bhubaneswar where security arrangements are made for the girls, female workers are engaged to take responsibility for the girl’s students so that the inmates are safe and secure. Nonetheless, in some other hostels, the condition is terrible as there is no arrangement to take care of the security of the girls and no one keeps a record of who is coming – in and going – out at what time.
Still, these shortcomings can certainly be curbed.  Students are going through such difficulties because of inadequate facilities and in several private hostels. There should be some compulsory guidelines for these private hostels to strictly follow and implement for the betterment of the girls dwelling there. The guidelines are as such;  all the private girls’ hostels should register themselves with the local police station for the safety of the girls,  a register should be maintained in the hostels to record the entry and exit of the inmates, proper security arrangements should be made.