HappyMarriages.com – BharatMatrimony’s New Guide to a Happy Marriage

Bhubaneswar: Matrimony.com, whose flagship brand is Bharat Matrimony, the leading matchmaking service has officially rolled out www.HappyMarriages.com – an initiative that guides young married couples to enrich their relationship and manage the challenges faced during the early years of their relationship.

“The increasing breakdown of relationships amongst newlyweds, the rising divorces and the growing numbers of cases in family courts made us think of doing something to help young couples enrich their relationship and create happy families. That led to the launch of HappyMarriages.com. In a way it aligns to the purpose of our company: The future of a country depends on its Citizens. Good Citizens emerge from Good Parenting. Good Parenting happens in a Happy Marriage. And, we are the Gateway to Happy Marriages” says Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder and CEO – Matrimony.com.

“Happy families are the building blocks of a nation. As a leader in the online matchmaking space, we have a responsibility to guide married couples to lead a happy life post marriage. HappyMarriages.com is an initiative to enrich marital relationship and make it meaningful. It’s BharatMatrimony’s guide to a happy marriage,” says Murugavel Janakiraman.

From “why men find it difficult to listen to women” to “speaking the women’s love language” to handling the “when are you having the baby” question, HappyMarriages.com deals with each topic with an utmost care and provokes readers to think and helps resolving relationship challenges. Over the past year it has been steadily building quality content and currently has over 13,000 subscribers for its monthly newsletter.

“It took us three months to research and identify issues where couples needed some help with their relationships. We identified a series of topics around specific challenges from ‘zero days of marriage to four years of marriage. Incisive content was then crafted in simple language to make it useful and relevant to the audience. Today, we have thousands of subscribers to our monthly newsletter. It’s very fulfilling when we get feedback that an article helped guide them through a problem. Or provoked them to think about a point of view,” says Kaushik Tiwari, Head Marketing at Matrimony.com.

Over the years BharatMatrimony has been in the forefront of helping couples enhance their relationship. In 2014, the company launched a series of member stories on TV that captures the essence of Happy Marriages. Filmed across major cities, the “Happy Couple of the Day” campaign included a series of emotionally-rich stories of how the couples met, fell in love and are living a happy married life. In 2015, in pursuit of its purpose to build a better Bharat through happy marriages, the company initiated The HappyMarriages Workshop, to help women and men prepare for a happy married life. The program helps them understand how men and women think differently, their expectations and the sacredness of marriage. Over 10,000 students and working professionals have undergone this program.

Matrimony.com is a signature internet conglomerate, managing marquee brands such as BharatMatrimony, the largest and most trusted matrimony brand which has also established a considerable retail presence with over 150 self-owned branches across India.

-By OdishaAge