Madhavi Latha, the BJP Candidate for Hyderabad

The prime minister has all praise for Madhavi Latha, the BJP candidate for Hyderabad, the woman who takes on Asauddin oasis catapulted her to the national attention. Since then all the media forums have been filled with the story of Madhavi Latha and her existence in politics.

As Madhavi Latha herself speaks, politics is never separate or distinct as a field, a profession from normal day-to-day human lives. It is very much part and parcel of human being and it’s habitat. Politics has always been about the development and betterment of the people.

Coming from an economically deprived background and a backward community Madhavi Latha has seen many such instances that have left a very strong impact on her personality right from her childhood. The caste and class discrimination have always bothered her since the time of her initial schooling days.

Talking about the criticism that the congress has posed about her candidature against the Assaudin Oasis, she states that the congress had a fierce fight with AMIM before the election. When they have so much if differences from one another publically, on what basis they can come close to such an understanding of supporting each other and trying to project a dummy candidate?

Responding to the Hindu candidate’s remark about the chief minister of Telangana Revanth Reddy, she says they should see me as a woman candidate, not as a Hindu. A woman who understands the pain and atrocities of the poor, the deprivation that exists at the ground level. As a social worker, she has worked with both Hindu and Muslim communities and fed the children of both communities, a child in need does not belong to any community. A mother is a mother, a child has no religion.

Regarding the current arrow controversy that came up during the Rsmnavsmi festival about Madhavi Latha, she clarified that it was a gesture of peace and reverence during the occasion. No religious agenda was there behind it, nor was there any mosque situated nearby. The narrative was created forcefully through the trick of the camera lens. She further adds, “I am the woman who participated in Ramzan in Hazrat Ali Dargah. I was there for the Ramnavami festival and also for Hazrat Ali. She questions the demolition of two mosques by the government of elegant for the construction of the Hyderabad Secretariate building. AMIM would not want to talk about those arrows towards the mosques who demolished the mosques and there is no sound.

Asking for votes in the name of religion, and mosques are against the code of conduct of the election communion. I never say “Ram ke naam pe vote do”. One should cast a vote for truth and justice, for the development measures have been taken by the government, for recovering from the 40 years of downtrodden the country has been through. Only talking about religious politics, polarization, minorities, masjid, and Islam for vote bank politics is certainly a violation of the election code of conduct. When asked who is bidding on Oasis she says it is the congress party as they did not deploy any candidates. The AMIM claims it is a national party but does not have a national representative. It indicates the political conspiracy in the name of alliance.

None of the yojanas and policies that the prime minister has granted for the poor and the downtrodden have ever reached the needy people in the Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituencies. Swabalsnban Bhatat, Mudra Loans, Street Vendors Loan, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Pradhan Mantri Viswakarma Yojana, all these policies have never been implemented in the minority localities. It is the responsibility of the elected representatives of the state to implement the policies which have been created for the best interest of the poor. Rather the state is a barrier to this. Similarly, there was no reason to oppose the triple talaq when it was for giving Muslim women empowerment.

Hyderabad as a constituency is always on fire and constant friction due to religion. So in Madhavi Latha’s opinion, the discussion about religion should be halted in politics. Religion is belief, happiness, festival, philosophy of right and wrong, personality, and wisdom. No religion preaches to hurt or trouble others, to disown someone’s rights.

One of the strongest allegations of a her at AMIM in Telangana is fake voting, one voter having multiple electoral cards, and the uneducated poor people being manipulated for voting for the party.

There is a direct fight between Congress and the BJP, the BRS is brought out of the picture and the AMIM has a margin. The BJP stands with the prospect of the Congress has not fulfilled the promises made from the last tenure, and also has not provided anything substantial for the dalit communities in their manifesto this time. The Congress party in power in Telangana shows bad behavior towards people in general irrespective of Hindu and Muslim.

In conclusion, her saying she said people think I am a political novel but I say I’m the common person who knows the pulse, pain, and suffering of the common mass.