The Blacksheeps of the Country

Bhubaneswar: Since long, there has been many laws and provisions to maintain a healthy and cooperative relationships between the citizens and the government all over the world also in our country. We are witnessing that within the democratic system a handful of places are rioting by resorting to arbitrariness by taking advantage of the freedom. The administration is there to rule and govern and the police is there to maintain law and order. Still there are some people who tend to flout the law and order time and again. The undesirable and unexpected things are occurring whereas unwanted people are taking advantage of it. Those who obey the law are getting cornered by it . The societal adversaries created by certain people are always one step ahead of the police. These perpetrators use certain loopholes in the legal provisions as their way to conduct some grave crimes like drug trafficking. It is proven that the common people are hunted due to this. With the passage of time the aggravation of crime is causing fear and terror among the citizens .

Recently it has been found out that many important confidential information are being transferred to Pakistan from the Chandipur Missile Base. The conspirators of this crime are being arraigned in court after being caught. A few years back another employee working as a cameraman in ITR was caught in the similar crime and sent to jail. Now the case of the four accused have been investigated by the crime branch. Interestingly it is not uncommon foe the Department of Defence to obtain secret information by arming locals. The intelligence agencies and terrorist organisations in Jammu and Kashmir continue to obtain sensitive information by using many of the senior and junior officials in our country. There must be more severe punishments for the traitors. In spite of the constant vigilance of the Home and Defence Department on imposters active in the border states like Rajasthan and Kashmir still the traitors in the country are successfully going on a rampage. The enemy countries have resorted to tactics such as money lust , honey trap by using selective people obtain secret defense information . It is alleged that Pakistan has obtained secret information on ‘Bramhas’ which was made by a joint effort of India and Russia. It is hard to imagine how serious this risk could be. Intelligence agencies from other countries are continuously conspiring against India. China and Pakistan, which have become intolerant of India ‘s solar and increasing technology , continue to use such brokers as weapons. The country ‘s territorial integrity and sovereignty has always have its voice that tries to weaken the country.

Experts have argued that whatever mishap happening is the result of existing loopholes in our security systems. Every time it is seen that the opposition is targeting and using the subordinate employees to obtain secret information. The enemy would not have been able to carry out such tricks if our intelligence system had been tightened. On the one hand foreign Pegasus agency does not have a ban on searching for information about influential personalities and organisations on the other hand the back door is kept open for the most crucial and secret information to be leaked out of the country. It is believed to be the deed of an organised rebel coup. The question atises how appropriate it is to portray the polical opponents as traitors instead of not tsking strict action against the actual perpetrators or make the law more stringent and functional. In order to silence the critics, one must work towards catching the real traitors.