Scarcity of Teachers in Odisha Schools

Bhubaneswar: Students and their guardians have been asking to reopen the schools with proper covid guidelines. In this regard the state government has directed to restart offline classes for both 9th and 10th class students. In addition, discussions are underway for reopening primary schools. Child Protection Commission also has suggested to reopen schools. The important fact is that many of the teachers and students are tested covid positive in the the schools which were reopened with strict covid guidelines . By witnessing this the Parents Association has opposed to reopen of the schools. Some schools are maintaining cleanliness, and obeying covid appropriate restrictions to prevent Corona infections but it is not always possible to practice among the children/ students. Because it requires more finance and man power where as we are short of both. As the schools are being reopened with compulsion so the students attendance is not as per the expectations.

The biggest problem that we face in terms of education is classroom teaching. Some head teachers of schools are now being engaged in other government works outside the school, some are leaving tge schools by getting promoted and some teachers are getting trained on digital teaching method. According to the court order appointment of guest teachers are stopped now. Mainly there are a dearth of teachers to teach subjects like Sanskrit, Hindi, Games, Mathematics and Science. As per the covid guidelines the size of the 9th and 10th classes have expanded as there are only 20 students allowed to sit in one class room. As a result of that the number of teachers are falling short for teaching each subjects. Subjects like Sanskrit is impossible to teach for any other teachrs who are not trained in that particular subject.

After seven long years, advertisement for the recruitment of teachers has been published on the subjects like Sanskrit, Hindi and Games. This recruitment process will take more than six months to complete. The decision on the B.Ed teachers can be taken only after the corona outbreak subsides. If the government takes any decision on this matter hastily then money will be wasted unnecessarily. The educational visitors are only focused on getting compliments. It is satirical that the education officers claim there is no persistent issues in teaching process. The schools which have been opened recently are depicting a completely negative picture. The departmental authorities could have decided to hire guest teachers until regular teachers are appointed. Otherwise, interested T.G. members of the Union could temporarily reach through ‘teacher on -call’. The government must pass an order in this regard. Some old and established schools have vacancies for trained matriculation and I.A teachers therefore the process is going on for appointing matric C.T. candidates. Likewise teachers are leaving schools by getting promoted to T.G. posts. In this way a huge number of posts are kept vacant in schools presently. These vacancies can’t be filled unless matric and I.A.C. T. are not recruited. Therefore the departmental authorities should amend the vacant positions and recruit T.G teachers urgently.

In some elementary schools which have been merged into high schools, the head teachers are being forced to give some teachers opportunity to teach in 9th and 10th grades. The qualification of these primary teachers, the lack of thematic knowledge, the reluctance of the children and the dissatisfaction of the parents have shocked the headmasters. Instead of solving the problem thd attitude of some visitors is ruining the academic environment. Teacher’s training has been started to assess smart classroom examination. So there has been a scarcity of teachers for teaching in class. Therefore if this training was given out of school hours or on holidays then the students wouldn’t be suffered. In this challenging time, if the School Management Committee, the Alumni Union of Mo School Committee and Foster School Recipients have to take decisions.