Spirituality in Younger Generations

The spiritual journey always begins in people’s life in old age. It is believed that when people come to an age group when they have finished all their family responsibilities should dedicate towards spirituality. But the fact of the matter is people should realize no flowers or any kind of offerings offered to God are in their tender or fresh state. Nobody offers a stale or worn fruit or flower, so why offer yourself in your old age? Spirituality should be embraced in life at a younger age. However, spirituality is never meant as something which will depart you from your family life or any kind of luxurious or materialistic lifestyle. One can very much be spiritual be in a family and lead a normal life.

Nowadays the competition is so high that the coming generation will have to deal with so much stress and negativity. We should prepare our children to face the brunt calmly and prioritise their needs, duties, and necessities in life. For that effort, we should put in to expose our children to prayer, meditation, Satsang, bhajan etc which will eventually boost balance in their memory, stability, and calmness. It is scientifically proven that bhajan, meditations increase your memory power, boost concentration, and make your mind and body calm. The parents should make their children realize from a very young age the priorities of life. In today’s time, bodies are running behind the numbers, marks, percentages, and grades, nobody asks their children did they helped anyone in school or did they brought a smile to anyone’s face. Everybody believes that scoring the highest mark, I’m in first in every completion, and earning more and more money are of utmost importance in life. People forget to teach their children to become good human beings, helping others, being kind, and being compassionate are not necessary for life.

We, as parents think kids don’t understand anything, at their youngest age and tender phase their memory is the sharpest. They remember everything, their mind is like a clean slate, and everything they come across gets imprinted. As the child doesn’t understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong he takes everything. Here the parents must teach the child what is right and what is wrong. It is very important to keep the child in a happy and healthy environment, by keeping him away from negativity. The behaviour of a child is reflected and influenced by the surroundings and environment in the house.

Many times it also happens when children make it a trick to get their favourite things done by crying. If the parents continuously fall into this and give them what they need they understand that this truck is working, then they always apply it when they need something wrong. They always do it when they need things their way. If these habits are not corrected at the right time, later on, it will harm his own life and make him face hurdles. Now the parents are there to support them if he falls but when he grows up there will be nobody to hold his hand. So it is better to teach him now.

The child is a situation, to raise a child, is similar to raising an ideology, managing a situation. When we are raising a child, we are contributing to the next generation in making. Because the society in future will be formed from each of these children. If we do not focus on their upbringing, it is inappropriate to blame the coming generation for their mistakes.