Mankind Pharma stands by the True Corona Warrior Rama Sahu for her determination

Bhubaneswar : Amidst multiple tales of the struggle for survival in the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, Mankind Pharma has been supporting the communities and frontline workers fighting the deadly virus. The company has stepped up and offered Rs. 1 lakh to Mrs Rama Sahu of Khandara village in Ganjam district, for her selfless service in educating her community about COVID symptoms despite fighting cancer.

Mankind Pharma has been involved in the country’s fight against the pandemic in several ways. The company has stepped up and applauded the heroic tale of Jyoti Kumari for bringing back her injured father on a bicycle to her home in Bihar. Besides producing affordable medicines, it has donated ventilators, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medicines to the states. Now Mankind supports old Rama Sahu for advising the local families on isolation and social distancing norms, and also distributing foods, despite herself battling cancer.

Mankind Pharma’s aspiration to become the top pharma company in India is not just about revenues, but also by being No. 1 in CSR activities, and by helping the nation in a crisis. Standing true to its motto of serving people, the company has also donated INR 51 crore to the CM Relief Fund of various states last month. In addition to this, all employees of Mankind Pharma have also contributed one day’s salary for the relief fund.

Mr Rajeev Juneja, CEO Mankind Pharma said, “Mankind Pharma is standing by everyone in this unprecedented crisis. Mankind salutes the selfless service and commitment of Rama Sahu during the pandemic. We are proud of her mental toughness and sheer determination. We would like to support her in a manner that will help her and her husband. We hope our little support can be of some help to the family.”

Mrs Rama Sahu said, “I thank Mankind Pharma for their support and look forward to serving the society. Working in my situation has helped me take my mind off the illness while helping others in these testing times.”

-Odisha Age