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Richa Chaddha Talks Candid on Heeramandi, Bhansali, and her Acting Career

Richa Chaddha Talks Candid on Heeramandi, Bhansali, and her Acting Career

Richa Chaddha, says In Bollywood, when you are starting and you have to play a role that garnered a certain amount of attention and appreciation from the audience, there is a section of people who would typecast you with no hesitation and also there are people who will try to suggest you for various scary shortcomings it can beget. After the Gangs of Wasshepur, many such people would offer me huge amounts of fees for doing certain roles that were not right according to me. I was not setting out to make mistakes then just intending to break the stereotype of a particular role or image.

During the time of Gangs of Wasshepur, the clothes that she was wearing were not contour, and didn’t have the name of any big stylists. Because she was part of this ensemble cast, people had seen her in Dolly playing a small part, so no stylist would give her clothes. She did not have any idea about the manager, PR, or basic hair and makeup that could be provided and demanded by the actors during promotions.

When people talk about nepotism, it is more about the ecosystem that a star kid is surrounded by the environment, people, write advisers, experience and so on. It takes a lot of pinches to understand the nerves and tricks of minute things likthat e promotion, management, advice, make-up hair etc. She says till the time of Fukrey she didn’t have a manager and PR but had a stylist. Walking about her pregnancy and baby, the most important concern she has is about the rapidly changing climatic conditions, the country is going through the worst heat wave at present and we have lost the most amount of forest cover in the last 30 years as compared to any other country in the world. With such a large population, we never sit down to discuss the plan for proper rainwater harvesting which is a one-time cost and we are a monsoon nation. But nobody pays attention to it rather than paying for tankers, and cans. People like Satya Nadela are going out and working outside the country but we don’t have the common sense to use our resources to benefit ourselves. We have carcinogens in our food and soil, and everywhere there is garbage and pollution. The greenery is vanishing day by day.

Talking about her dancing skills and dance numbers in Heeramandi, she says that she is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer but has never had the chance to dance the kind of movies she has selected to do. In the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, the song and dance she has done is more like a performance piece. What is shown and done in the song in Heeramandi is very difficult because, to be drunk, dance, and lip-sink in that state of abandonment, agony, tears, and intoxication is very hard. That song took a lot out of her, the breakdown in the end was very real as a performance. While performing such scenes gravity is necessary to through because in such characters, where these women (the courtesans) are used, abused and judged. Nobody has the right to judge them.

She states playing this part in Heeramandi that she does not want to play the characters of Saviours, all her roles in films were pigeonholed, the audience also got the perception that if she is doing something it is going to fight, and she is tomboyish character. An actor should be able to explore different things. I was offered another part in the show before but it wouldn’t have excited her that much. She says she wanted to do something which would constantly change things for her. The actor should grab every opportunity to showcase her range.

Speaking on working with so many female actors working together, getting ready, doing promotions, and having the bond the rapport on the set, she says the news of female costars not getting along has made such a gender-biased thing. There is no gender factor in it, it is a human thing. Two male colleagues and co-actors can also have differences. How many male ensemble cast films are being made, and what does that indicate? Women are far more incorporative and compassionate in that sense.

The experience of working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali is like he is a man on a mission. He focuses on the true arts, the traditional art forms, dance, and pure and authentic beauty in arts. Nowadays we are losing something typical of our culture. The next generation might not have or remember. Our generation is also so urban, that we are getting disconnected from our culture. The songs and dances have always been very minutely taken care of in a Bansali film.