Western Media Influence on Indian Political Situation

BHUBANESWAR: The prime minister is very cooperative, and collaborative and welcomes different ideas and suggestions. He loves to seek advice and discuss elaborately on matters before concluding and making decisions. There are long discussions and interactive sessions before any matters in any department. The process is very democratic and free of hierarchy when it comes to putting g across your point of view in a meeting with the prime minister and the team. The PM is very fond of team review and participation. He never concludes to decide at the beginning of the conversation. It is always a two-way process, everybody is allowed to put forth their propositions in the process of discussion and it’s the culture in the Modi government.

This is a country where democratic traditions run at the same time there is a party in power which has a very strong democratic ethos. There’s the prime minister who is very proud of being the PM of the biggest, oldest and greatest democracy in the world. We pride ourselves on our democratic credentials. If all these are the factors of pride, then there should not be any doubt about the false narrative of demolishing the constitution that the opposition is accusing of the ruling party and the PM.

The opposition in all aspects a defying the democratic system itself. By not respecting and obeying the rules of democracy one cannot point fingers at the opponent for restructuring or destroying the constitution’s coming to power. Here there can be two arguments, one is the opposition is already sure of the fact that the BJP and Modi are forming the government on 4 Jube, and the second is that should rectify their actions first before charging wrong narratives to manipulate the people.

The congress constantly speaks about the reservation issue, which is extremely important. Because the Modi government has no respect for the constitution they will eradicate the reservation system. The reservation has always been attacked by the Congress government before. The Congress and some other parties in the. the opposition has systematically used the argument of faith created minority institutions and taken away the reservation. The constitution provides reservations for the scheduled caste and tribe then for the OBCs. The Constitution does not provide faith-based reservation. But effectively, congress is implementing and advancing faith-based reservations. Then they claim they have respect for the Constitution, whereas you are going against the Constitution.

When the party and the power are run by the lineage system and the dynasty politics there is no respect for the constitution. The Constitution never allows lineage or dynasty power. In a democratic set, there is no dynasty. If there is a dynasty, it has to go through the process of a democratic electoral system to sustain itself. It cannot be handed over directly from one generation to another just on the value of the surname and family.

The Western media picks up the queue from the Indian media. They also talk about the internal political issues of our country. There is a certain entitlement process in the country today which metaphorically describes the Khan market gang suitably. So there is an international Khanmarket gang as well. These are the people who are linked together. They are socially comfortable with them, they think alike and advance similar viewpoints. They are of the elitist left thought process. They both have a symbiotic relationship. International media, or so to say the International khanmarket gang endorsed political parties in India. It is an action influencer depending on how strongly it is perceived. It is a combination of press, university-level discussions, and think tanks, together to make propaganda. There is a very persistent attempt being made to influence the direction of Indian politics and the choices of Indian voters. This peaks at election time but it continues after that as well.

The attempt is to demoralise and delegitimize to shape a wrong narrative within the minds of Indians regarding the government. It is difficult to not get influenced by people because of the systematic bombardment of information first from the Western media, then from the domestic media, the think-tank, University-level conversation and so on. If it is not contested, it will be countered and called out to aware people about its falsehood. A lot of these influence attempts should be recognised by the people for their authenticity.