Chief Minister reviews Babus in a Conference

Bhubaneswar: 17.01.2020: Senior IAS conference has held at New Convention Hall, Lok Sabha Bhavan in Bhubaneswar. In this conference senior IAS officers, all the governors from the districts, ministers from all the departments, MLAs, and the chief minister Naveen Pattnaik were present. Here five groups of IAS and five groups of District Governers were formed. This meeting was proposed to plan a road map ahead for providing a better governance of the state government for the next five years term. Chief minister has stated that it will look into the education, health, employment opportunities, skill envelopment, women and child development, beautification of Odisha heritage like Puri Konark, Lingaraj temples, Bhitarakanika and other tourist places as well. This meeting  was to discuss about  the development of the cities, technological advancement and its implementation in various levels including villages and rural schools, etc.

This conference is going to set up a road map for the next five years for the Naveen Govt to achieve the proposed goals that has been set for the current term and fulfill the target of serving the people by attaining all the basic facilities at the best of its kind. The people of Odisha have immense faith on us and they aspire from our government. To fulfill their aspirations and to meet their faith, it’s our faith it’s our constant and committed effort to provide the people of the state best facilities in the field of education, health and livelihood. The CM further adds I have a family of 4.5 crore people. As every head of the family wants his family to lead a happy life and wants to provide best education for children, best health facilities for elderlies, best employment opportunities for youths, it’s my dedicated effort to provide the people of Odisha the of the service they deserve. The CM states, people are the God and the sole power in a democracy. They the central point and focus of development. So it’s the utmost priority and duty of all the government officers, administrators and ministers to treat them respectfully in every institutions. Every institution in a democracy is for the people, created by their money. Chief minister Naveen Pattnaik has made the ministers, Governers and IAS officers take oath for providing the people of the state the best governance and fulfill their duty with maximum dedication towards the people.

-OA Bureau