War Doesn’t Bring Joy

Bhubaneswar: In all the intrigue one question always arouses the mind, why does a modern man feel helpless even in happiness, wealth and prosperity? Even surrounded by relatives and friends why is he not patient. Happiness and smile are considered as medicine during this covid time. But every smile seems fake nowadays. People are still feeling lonely even living in such a big world. human beings are distanced mentally. Every man has an obscene, and deceptive side to him. Everyone is busy showing each other fake and artificial behaviour by destroying one’s inner – self. Here, people are crazy about getting unnecessary praise such as the number of Facebook likes.

Why does it feel so helpless and lonely amid the city’s bustling crowd? Every moment a person realises how lonely he is on Earth. Even if living in such a crowd and hustle-bustle the man is getting away from everyone. Intolerance is increasing between people day by day. Everybody is in a race chasing some superficial happiness. Everyone wants to supersede each other. As people are living with a mask and disguise themselves in an artificial smile, happiness and behaviour. It would be a miracle if people’s real faces can be seen.

Incidents in the everyday newspaper break our faith in humankind. Today’s man is living in a condition of helplessness as love, happiness, joy, affection and tolerance, all seem to be unreal. One thing is felt here is that power and pride are the two such things that control the human mind. The question arises why people are so keen on cheating, abusing and misusing each other to succeed in life. Maybe this is the art of living life in the present times. People, today, don’t share each other’s grief, other than finding each other’s holes and putting others down.

The more successful a man is in life, the more he distances from his kith and kins. People start to point out his mistakes and weaknesses, then slowly he loses all his friends and well-wishers. A king never counts the number of soldiers who sacrifice their lives in a war but he only counts on the victory in a war. In today’s time, every individual follows a similar ideology. Like Samrat Ashoka realised after the Kalinga war, death, violence and greed never give the actual joy of life, but these are the key to unhappiness and regret. Victory over violence is not the real victory. The real victory is by winning the hearts of people. Happiness and prosperity cannot be achieved by grieving someone. Only by giving pleasure to others can true happiness be attained. The happiness that is attained by blaspheming, shedding blood is short-lived and momentary, it can’t last forever.