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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Tag: War

Russia-Ukraine War: Impact and Repercussions

Bhubaneswar: It has been 300 days since the Ukraine war has begun. Indirectly this can be called the third world war. Because in this...

Tormented Ukraine, Wretched Srilanka, Anarchist Pakistan

Bhubaneswar: Our immediate neighbours, Srilanka and Pakistan are burning with violence and anarchy. There are various reasons for this erratic situation in both countries....

Conflicts of the Defence and the environment

Bhubaneswar: There are some subjects where the nation faces the confusion self-interest. This confusion arises more in the issues related to the environment. Construction...

War Doesn’t Bring Joy

Bhubaneswar: In all the intrigue one question always arouses the mind, why does a modern man feel helpless even in happiness, wealth and prosperity?...
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