The Odisha Foundation Day 2024: Significance and Cultural Heritage

Odisha Foundation Day also known as Utkal Divas on the 1st of April is observed in commemoration of the establishment of Odisha state. On this day the state was officially separated from Bihar province in 1936 during British rule. Utkal Divas are celebrated colorfully all over the state by decorating the house with flowers, making rangolies, singing songs and performing traditional dances. The day is dedicated to the rich culture, heritage and tradition of Odisha. The state boasts various cultural wealth such as different traditional media cuisine, folk music, songs and dance, and rich tourist destinations.

The state,  especially the capital city Bhubaneswar is seen beautifully decked up with illuminating lights and paintings. Households are decorated with flowers, lights and rangolis, and public places are shown with flags, banners, and flowers, educational institutions celebrate by staging cultural programs performed by the students, singing the state anthem, traditional dance and shouting patriotic skits on the reverence of the state.

Odisha Day, alternatively known as Visuba Milana, is observed as a designated state holiday. The festivities also include seminars, speeches, and exhibitions that showcase the rich culture, tradition and heritage of the state. It is not just a challenger day which gives a holiday or so to say an occasion to celebrate festivities like any other, it is a day of commemorating and feeling pride in the bravery and resilience for fighting and winning united for making Odisha a separate state.

Celebrating the flavour and culinary culture of Odisha: the traditional Odia cuisines are a vibrant surge of tastes. Some of these are; the tempting Pakhala Bhata ( fermented rice soaked in water) eaten with many varieties of side dishes like boiled mashed vegetable chutney, fried vegetables, fish fry, papad lemon and curd.

Chhena Poda: the translated meaning would be burnt cheese. It is a delicious dessert made from cottage cheese, sugar, and cardamom powder, mixed perfectly and baked to perfection. Until it becomes a caramelized crust, this is one authentic Odia dessert one has to try for sure.

Dalma: it is a dish prepared with lentils and different kinds of vegetables like pumpkin, brinjal, raw papaya, raw banana, potato, tomatoes, and drumsticks. It is dal curry seasoned with mustard oil, spices and grated coconut. The dish is highly nutritious and one of the staple foods in Odia households, easily prepared, and heavily popular among all. It is mostly eaten with steamed rice, roti etc.

Machha Besara: The Odias can not make it without seafood. The love for seafood is exceptional among the Odias. Among all the seafood items Machha Besara is the most liked dish which is prepared with mustard seed paste, dried mango, and fish. It is a flavorful curry that gives a mouth-watering experience.

Rasabali: It is a dreamy and flavorful dessert made from deep-fried paneer patties and then soaked in thick, sweet milk flavored with cardamom powder and saffron extracts added to its aromatic taste. This is the sweet dish which certainly satisfies your craving for the sweet tooth.