India Unstoppable in It’s Economic Growth in the Modi Tenure

India is unstoppable at present times because, in the last decade, India has been phenomenal in certain fields like railway, for example, it has covered 40 thousand kilometres of electrified in just ten years duration as compared to 20 thousand kilometres in sixty years, 31 thousand kilometres of new railway tracks have been constructed in ten years.

The manufacturing of electronics was practically negligible ten years ago whereas it is 110 billion dollar worth of electronics are manufactured. Apple alone as a company is hiring more than 1 lakh employees in the factories of its company for iPhone manufacturing. It has been a fundamental change that the country has always dreamt of since 1972. The momentum that our economy has caught is phenomenal.

India is unstoppable in its economic growth parameters because there is a great leader, who is the captain of the ship. In the coming five years, India will be among the top five semiconductor destinations in the world. The inclusive vision and leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are going to reach India at the top spot in terms of the economy. The target plan has been set to work towards this destination meticulously. India has reached the 5th position in the world economy and is targeted to be in the 3rd position in the coming 5 years.

The Congress charges that the BJP government is subverting the institutions,  Especially the misuse of agency against the opposition leaders by putting leaders, sitting chief ministers MPs, and MLAs behind bars. The BJB defends saying when there is a well-established money trail, money is found in the residence of the leaders and ministers then it is futile and foolishness to crib about it. The judiciary system in our country is robust, let the system decide by taking its course.

When the government is performing very well, and the agencies are working independently there is no need to combine.  People at the grassroots level are emphatically accepting the fact that the country has seen that developments were not achieved in the last 50-60 long years. Every household has benefitted without any discrimination. So based on the string will power, determination, and dedication towards the people, the action plan for the forthcoming years the tools will get the party votes not any other devil’s strategy.

As it is about Odisha, the conceptual alliance between a ruling party and a principal opposition party is very difficult. The BJP will contest all the seats in the state of Odisha and we will come out with a measure of gains.

BJP as a party runs on the ideology of the nation comes first, it has always considered inclusive development as the primary goal since the time of 1952. Whoever believes in this philosophy and ideology is welcome in the party.