Russia-Ukraine War: Impact and Repercussions

Bhubaneswar: It has been 300 days since the Ukraine war has begun. Indirectly this can be called the third world war. Because in this war there are Russia, China, Iran and South Korea on one side and on the other side, the United States of America and its allies countries, which are included in NATO. Though the main reason behind the war is still unclear, this war has been waged to maintain the balance of power the war is continuing. America is in intent to maintain its number-one position in the world and Putin intends to maintain dominance over the regions separated from Soviet Russia.

Many cities in Ukraine including the capital Kyiv are dark whereas the foundation of most of the cities is almost destroyed. Russia has destroyed the economy and the whole of Ukraine completely with a constant missile strikes. This terrible war has been going on for ten months. Putin said in his speech about this new test that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is playing this game by supplying weapons and finance to Ukraine to condemn Russia before the whole world, whereas on the other hand, Jenkins has expressed in the end that his victory is assured. Neither of the parties seems to budge from their stubbornness. It was hoped that the Secretary General of the United Nations can mediate and try to end the war. But Zelensky doesn’t seem to be putting his step back being potent under the power of America and other NATO member countries. During a recent visit to the White House, Ukrainian leader Markin met President Joe Biden and got many plenties of weapons and funds as gifts. The newly appointed prime minister of the united kingdom Rusi Sunak went to Kyiv himself and gifted a huge amount of support to the Ukrainian leader. This indicates that not only NATO countries but all the anti -Putin camp has been active in the world. On the other hand, the president of Russia has great reverence for the prime minister of our country Narendra Modi. But what Modi has suggested is only bilateral mechanisms like dialogue and diplomacy can resolve disputes between the two countries at war, which has not affected Putin as well. Ten months have passed, and there has been a heavy missile attack from Russia this year. Both Ukraine and Russia have lost thousands of soldiers and the common people of these countries are going through a crisis of death. Vladimir Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons if this happens, and people all across the globe have to suffer from it.

The United Nations once was effective and its mediation in such matters was relevant. But of late it has become a name but an entity, as the United Nations can be said to be running under the auspices of the big rich countries. So it cannot be said how relevant would be the mediation of the Secretary General of the United Nations. Because such World Organisations have already been rendered powerless by the superpowers. Both Zelensky and Putin might be stating that United Nations has agreed to the meeting but in reality, they appear to do the opposite. Russia is paying a heavy price for this constant war, rebellion has started to take root within the county. Having signed agreements with three or four countries, Putin has called them part of his countries. But a small country like Ukraine would give such a lesson to Russia, it has never thought of. This continuous war situation will surely ensure the whole world into a victimized condition. Before such a time arise the United Nations and other international organizations must persuade both sides to desist from hostilities. Not just those two nations but the whole world can benefit from it. Once again peace there will be peace in those countries. In this new year, this effort must begin with new hope and faith.