Research Centre on the Moon

BHUBANESWAR: The Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO) has successfully done the soft landing of the Chandrayan-3 bear the moon’s south pole. Many other countries are in great efforts to make such an achievement like India. India was the first country to reach the moon’s south pole. America couldn’t achieve this even after its sixth Apollo mission. China has claimed that it will reach there by 2025. The UK has said it will send the astronauts in the coming year. Similarly, Japan is planning to land a spacecraft there in 2029. Last year, on August 20, the Lunar – 25 if Russia failed to establish a signal. It came to be known that Lunar-25 was crash-landed in the South Pole. This landing has created a pit of 10 meters.

America was the first country who land astronauts on the moon on the year 1969. But all the missions are stuck at the equator area of the moon. The equator area is the one that is shown to us, as the brighter side. The side is always faced with the sun. The South Pole area always remains dark. The sunlight does not reach there. The Indian spacecraft reached and spent a lunar day (14 Earth days) there and collected much information. It is noteworthy that the south pole of the moon is only partially shown during the lunar eclipses.

The distance of the sun is 400 times more than the moon from the Earth. The diameter of the Earth is 400 times greater than that of the moon. This distance certainly changes according to the position of the Earth in space. Tide comes into the ocean due to the moon and simultaneously the attraction keeps the turbulence created in the atmosphere stable,  because of the rotation of the Earth on its axis. Therefore, it is understood that the moon is created from the earth. Around 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth was gravely hit by a planet or a giant object and a part of Earth was detached from it. The moon was created from that part. During that time planets and satellites were created. So it is possible that the moon would be quite similar to the Earth. There is no atmosphere on the moon. Whatever would be there, it is there in the deep area of the South Pole. The estimated temperature of the moon is 127 degrees and during the darkness, it drops to – 173 degrees. The radiation coming from the sun directly hits the moon because there is no atmosphere to protect it.

In the year 2008, the Chandrayan- 1 of India mission had discovered water in the moon. According to NASA, the water molecules are spread across the moon but the density of its volumes is the highest in the pole regions. It is to be mentioned that the water molecules have been created on the earth by the hit of the eclipse and the smoke. Water which is the most important requirement of life is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen. So both hydrogen and oxygen can be found in the water molecules which means both hydrogen and oxygen can be found in it through different processes. Hydrogen can be used as fuel for the rockets. There are plenty of helium-3 isotopes available there on the moon. Helium is much less available in the earth. As per the NARA reports, there are 1 crore tons of helium available on the moon and it can give nuclear energy in the fusion reactor. As it is not flammable, so it is not harmful and won’t create any harmful waste. This has been reported by the European Space Energy. The rare earth metals used in our smartphones, computers and any advanced technologies are found on the moon which include scandium, yttrium, and 15 lanthanides as per the research report. All these can be collected through mining from the moon. Many countries are into research to conduct mining on the moon. The infrastructure will be developed because it cannot be possible for human beings to carry it out. If the water level and its lifting can be done, and the water can be consumed then people can survive there. It is also analysed that if the hit of smoke and the planets on the moon would have left carbon and nitrogen which are useful for human life.

scientists have research have reported that if life had been created from the ocean so when the water body of the ocean and the land were created, the tidal energy of the moon attractions would have created similar atoms like the one which are capable of creating self-replicates such as RAN and DNA.  These are the primary elements for forming lives and bodies. So all the the countries have started to race to reach the South Pole. However according to the Outer Deal in 1966, no country can claim sovereignty on the moon individually.  As per the Moon Agreement of 1979, no country can claim their property over any portion of the moon.  As per the American Artemis Accord, no one can occupy any land as a safe zone. Our country has signed on it but China and Russia have not signed.

If the duration is so complicated and competitive now then when the above things are found and robotic mining gets to be done on the moon, what would be the situation then. India should discuss this matter and properly abuse it in this direction to find a conclusion in terms of the world scenario.