The Importance of Foreign Affairs Issues in the Electoral Campaigns

The campaigning for the general elections is very different from the state elections. When the campaign is to motivate and encourage conscious, politically aware voters is something very different of an experience, said the external affairs minister Jaishankar in an interview.

Being a bureaucrat and then joining politics and becoming the foreign minister was not a completely alien job. But as the bureaucrats are professionally very practical, adjusting persons, and know the ground connections in their fields it helped to accommodate the activities that were to take place in politics. Though the department was not a new one. The foreign visits, the integrities, everything has a core learning to play. Every election and campaign has given some learnings. Especially the COVID-19 field visits of the ministers to boost the morale of the people, and convince them that the government will find a way to cone out of the pandemic situation has taught many things.

The voters, in all the categories like the first-time voters, the experienced ones, and the well-aware lots, in places like Sanbalpur, Bekaner, Amritsar, Dharwad etc are not metropolitan cities seem to be enormously interested in India’s standing in international forums, the global media, the technological process of India etc. Barring the traditional, orthodox campaign, in the speeches, the interests are genuine amongst the people about Ukraine rescue operations, the Russia oil issue, and POK. The UN Security Council matter coming from the people as a point of interest is very astonishing. People take it as a matter of national pride. They want a reasonable and logical strategy from the government side about moving ahead with the national security matter.

With the UNSC, people understand that we have to make our presence felt. People do realise that Western countries are unreasonable in their expectations. They are phasing out their vice of Russia and demanding the much lower-income countries terminate it and we all go to the Middle East and they will all out-compete with us. Eventually, we will end up on the short end of the stick. So Western countries are often not understanding of India, condescending and demanding of our country. The comments on our elections and democratic process from Western countries are resented by the people of India. People don’t like that the foreign countries are condescending to India. The people of India find it very unwarranted when those who have no credentials comment on India.

People are keen to talk about foreign affairs because they feel that our foreign policies are going to do what should be done. With China also we can speak on the matters that we were not capable of before around 10-15 years. The confidence of the country and its prospects that it does not need to bend down in front of the world. The people want a kid to be of government which stands strong and not be apologetic on any issue.