How the Gender Implications Ingrained in Everyday Life

Bhubaneswar: The stereotyping of women in every sphere of their life subjugates their voices and positioning by sidelining them from grabbing their opportunities rightfully. It is, therefore, all the more necessary to put enough awareness across the society against these social evils which have been operating by putting the women into a box or a frame. Preaching morality and ideal characteristics to become a “good ” woman has been the formula to striking balance in gender identity.

The portrayal of masculinity dictates the positioning of authority and power play in any field or profession. If a woman needs to hold a position of authority or be placed in a decisive chair she has to subdue her feminine traits and project a masculine aura to deal with the situations and people around her. It is never the feminine qualities in a woman sitting in a higher position or an authoritative place that would convince people to listen to her point of view and opinions and decisions very seriously. It becomes a quick judgement that she is incompetent to handle her responsibilities. As certain kinds of dressing indicate the capabilities of women in certain areas. So every type of job had suitably set a dress code for women especially, men have much to alter by the situations.

Various disparities are born from gender stereotypes which can be known as pay disparities in different fields, gender division of labour inside the house, sexual harassment in the workplace, domestic violence, lack of participation of women in the workforce, violence against women, and so on. These phenomena occur in different parts of society irrespective of geographical borders, class, caste and creed. Women of any kind tend to face similar kinds of issues and problems barring their origin, colour, language and class/ caste. When it is widely believed that women are more ingrained in patriarchal. mindset than the men, it is largely misconstrued because women are taught and conditioned to be, become and behave in a certain manner to fit into the frame of an ideal woman type set by this patriarchal society. If anyone deviates from that frame, she is to be levelled and stamped as a particular type.

Therefore, it is extremely urgent to make women as well as men aware and sensitise concerning gender equality, and women’s empowerment. To make society safe, and better for both men and women it is important to provide equal opportunities to all. Hence, this would be a place for everybody to co-exist with an equal share of rights, opportunities, and remuneration.