Demand and Importance of Electricity

Bhubaneswar: Global warming has impacted the climatic conditions and changed the seasonal cycle. There are twelve months and six seasons in a year but these six seasons are not experienced except for the summer, the rain and the winter. The summer season is experienced for about six to seven months. The dearth amount of rainfall has a significant impact on agriculture and public life. Such change in the seasonal cycle occurs due to population growth, vehicle growth, deforestation, environmental pollution and nuclear weapons testing. Therefore the consumption of electricity is also increasing.

Nowadays, the majority of the works are done by electricity. Some of the modern vehicles are battery operated so it needs electricity to charge the batteries. Electricity is needed in industries, institutions and agriculture. As per the need of any factory or family water is collected by the motor and the motor is powered by electricity. Excessive use of electrical equipment is one of the reasons for the increasing electricity demand. It has become impossible to live in day to day life without electricity.

Cyclone like Fani and power cuts during rainy seasons proves how important is electricity in our lives. That’s why the electricity demand has increased. At the same time, the price per unit is also rising. Because it is difficult to live without electricity nowadays; be it the urban or rural areas. After the privatisation of electricity, there are different kinds of scams on the customers. Sometimes the power is disconnected the whole day, or no power for many consecutive days. People face many problems in their everyday lives.

Electricity is generated from river water but the rivers are drying day by day. Lack of rain in the rainy season, and over usage of electricity in every sector is a hindrance to the sustainability of power consumption. There has to be a balance between the generation, consumption and at the same time tariff. modern lifestyles of people, privatisation of each sector including electricity and the influence of western culture have unanimously made the situation so grave that people from different social strata are dealing with different kinds of issues. The sudden hike in unit price in electricity had upset the common mass as well as market is in no mood to sustain the hydropower consumption.