BJP Sets a Robust Political Strategy for Electoral Campaign

Naari Shakti, the women’s power slogan has been the new strategic tool of the BJP for this election campaign of 2024. It is critiqued that the women-centric vote bank politics is the agenda adopted by the BJP.

Political parties are summoned to court, the chief ministers are put behind bars, and houses of sitting MLAs and MPs are raided by the Enforcement Directorate, the reason behind these aghast actions taken by the dulling party right in the middle of the forthcoming election is cited as having no political vendetta but these are the actions taken with fair charges and utmost legal scrutiny. The political parties were paying no heed to paying their taxes. The political party in charge of money laundering and not paying taxes has ignored multiple summonses by various courts in recurrence. For example, the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal was tormented and dragged into custody by the enforcement directorate.

Through this strategy, the BJP is pulling up the population from the other opposition parties and distributing them tickets for fighting elections. BJP is citing the party as welcoming the people, but here the question comes whether the political leaders who once were leveled as corruption mafias, repeated offense, and jailed for their money laundering cases are now welcomed by BJP with open arms. People who were banned during the times of the Vajpayee government and the pre-2014 BJP era are now included in the party.

The BJP states that real development politics has kept happening since the time the party was established. The party is open to all barring any sort of discrimination. Having said that the core goals and work of the party are going on and have always been there regardless of the past and present periods of the BJP government, ( present times, past and even at the time of Jan Sangh). Notwithstanding that, leaders from various other parties are joining BJP because when people see work happening they realize as political representatives a party is making a difference on the ground, and it is obvious that they would want to join that party. Irrespective of that the value system possessed by BJP doesn’t change.

Talking about attacks on women politicians and misogynist comments, are highly questionable and outrageous. Especially one woman politician using derogatory remake on another woman politician is disturbing, also so when political leaders, in the current times, should realize that they represent people’s aspirations, and serve the cause of it one has to be reticence before coming up with such irresponsible, insensitive statements.  It is high time that such repeated offenders should apologize publicly and unconditionally for their statements, irrespective of their party.

The target of the BJP for this election is 400+ seats as put across by the party leaders. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has set this target for the upcoming elections in the parliament itself. So the changes like stability, no internal major disturbances, no terrorist attacks, no corruption, and free food schemes for people who deserve it, have been making the people believe in the BJP as a ruling party. The last ten years have brought many such policies and schemes that have made the country and the people better. Moreover, the prime minister is connected to the common people through his various mediums like the ‘Mann ki Baat’.

So the party as well as the prime minister is confident enough that the target set for 370 seats target is just a dream or an order for the BJP party workers but it is a reasonable target which will be achieved over the 10 years of performance.

The charges and the actions being taken against the opposition at the peak time when the election is just around the corner. BJP states that the agencies are taking their course according to the scandals the opposition has. The ED and IT raids have never come back empty-handed. Especially, the recent one the liquor policy was a well-known affair, which has been galloping everywhere. The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal never intended to visit the mohalla clinics even when he was free to do his governance outside but he seems more concerned now with supplying medicines for the people sitting in jail. governance in Delhi and Punjab have been blatantly misused and suffered by both the respective chief ministers.  The opposition parties are conveniently cooking up arguments against the ruling party essentially to depict a picture that the BJP is efficient enough to move forward and be alert about the needs and development of the country. If the Congress is confident enough they should fight the elections and win. However, Congress leaders in various states like Rajasthan are giving statements saying that the scenario is not favourable so cannot contest elections.

The opposition has to rise to the occasion. Any country, especially a country like India needs an. opposition which can put across its voice strongly. Rahul Gandhi has everything on a platter and has inherited the dynasty’s power and politics. He should have contemplated how he wanted to lead the party and handle the power politics tactfully.

The government does not have any intention to dictate that it is very sincere, rather law pursues those who disobey. There is no balancing act going on that if two people are convicted from the opposition party then two people also will be accounted from the ruling party. The opposition has been misusing the taxpayers’ treasures and not producing any documents so the ED will be following them. If this is the case they will be severely pulled up