Aakash Sambalpur Announces Educational Scholarships For April 2024 Admissions

Sambalpur: Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), a national leader in test preparatory services, has announced various scholarships prior to the commencement of its new session scheduled to begin in April 2024 to enable students to realize their dream of becoming doctors and engineers.
The first scholarship is the Instant Admission Cum Scholarship Test (iACST), offering up to 90% scholarship for admission into Medical, Engineering, and Foundation courses. Additionally, Aakash will provide special discounts to children of martyrs, defense personnel and terrorism-affected individuals.
Mr. Anup Agarwal, Chief Business Officer at Aakash Educational Services Limited, stated, “We are dedicated to providing accessible and impactful educational opportunities for students across India. Through initiatives like iACST and our scholarship programmes, we aim to empower deserving students to achieve their academic and career aspirations. We are proud to continue our tradition of supporting the education of children of our brave Armed Forces personnel and are committed to fostering excellence and inclusivity in education.”
The Instant Admission Cum Scholarship Test (iACST) offers students immediate scholarship awards and opportunities for instant admission. Students can take the exam online and receive details of their earned scholarships instantly, enabling them to secure instant admission under the expert guidance of Aakash faculty. The online iACST, lasting 60 minutes, can be taken between 10 AM and 8 PM on designated exam days.
The Other dignitaries present at the occasion were Nalini Kanta Mohapatra, Branch Head, Bikash Das, Regional Sales & Growth Head, Sumit Kumar, Engineering Academy Head, Santosh Kumar, Foundation Academy Head.
Focusing to students in Class VIII to XII, iACST makes it a platform for them to showcase their potential for careers in Medicine or Engineering. Scholarships awarded through iACST are applicable for admission into Medical, Engineering, and Foundation classroom courses. iACST is conducted via the Aakash Computer-Based Test (CBT) platform, as well as through the Aakash website and dedicated mobile applications for