What Should Be The Goal Of The Elected Representatives

Bhubaneswar: The elections in various states have got over including the panchayat as well as municipal elections in Odisha. In this process, the political parties got the opportunity to present their welfare works and plans of action for the future to the voters. The party which could present itself more effectively won the battle. In the meantime, some important aspects are noted, one of which is in most the places the voters have emphasized the educational qualifications, honesty and social behaviour of the candidates rather than the influence of the parties. Second, the voters have voted by seeing the image of the leader of the party and third, many voters have cast their ballots influenced by greed. But the greed aspect may not be taken into account because now it is clearly understood from the election results that the voters have first assessed the image of the party leader more than anything else. The behaviour of the main leaders of a party work over the last five years, the internal strife of the party, the attitude of the party leaders toward the general public, and so on are discussed by the voters in the advent of the election. After that, the party which wins the faith of the voters in all aspects wins the election. So the elected representatives should know the goal and purpose that they will pursue in politics. Because many elected representatives get so stuck in the power game that they get cursed for life and can never again come back to power. Therefore elected representatives should win the faith of the voters in their constancies. The people’s representatives should fulfil their duties with honesty and stimulate developmental feelings within themselves.

A true leader lives and works for the betterment of society. The leader should be capable enough to govern the state as well as the country. The more capable the leader is the better the country progresses. They should have control over their words and way of speaking. A popular leader is often anointed to the throne. Eminent economist Kautilya says, purity in money is the best of all holiness. So the leader, first of all, has to keep himself clean and pure in money matters. Eloquence has to be one of the prime qualities of a leader. Eloquence is the art of intelligence and speech. A leader can deliver good speeches when he has studied enough. One can be an orator through knowledge, intelligence and experience. Hence, every leader should study something every day by taking time from their daily schedules. People with a stable and balanced personality can establish themselves early in politics. The people with all such qualities only be able to govern the country. So it should be the fundamental focus to bring improvements in elections along with getting stability in their speech, mind and work.