OU Infra Projects launches “NAWAH’

Bhubaneswar: OU Infra Projects launches “NAWAH’ ,it’s new identity in the Real Estate domain, slated to become it’s flagship brand  in days to come with an objective to bridge the gap between Indian and global living standards. While NAWAH would be a new identify with a renewed vision, higher aim and  greater goal, the pride and promise of OU Infra projects would be a legacy carried forward.

Announcing the launch, Mr Siddharth Sekhar Mohapatra said,“We at the house of OU Infra Projects are proud to introduce  NAWAH, a unique identity of our own, keeping the spirit of ‘9’ alive!While NAWAH’ means 9., it also means ‘NEW’ The name is new but the soul remains the same. We are resolved to bring freshness, innovation and creativity into this sector, radically transforming the real estate landscape of Odisha .NAWAH intends to bridge the gap  between people and their lifestyle dreams.”

On being asked the reason behind the shift from 9 to NAWAH he said, “We have had the number ‘9’ in  all our project names so far and it’s central to our nomenclature policy as per numerology and  it’s significance. However, the  usage of number ‘9’ is suddenly on the rise and  being noticed across brands ranging from restaurants to real estate, resulting in erosion of it’s true significance and dilution of  brand identities. The decision of rechristening 9 to NAWAH came after much deliberation within the organization.”

NAWAH’ means 9. But it also means ‘new’. It resides on the periphery of numerology and Vaastu Shastra. As a number, it has always held a mystic presence in Hindu mythologies, and is thus considered auspicious. As a digit, it stands at the end of the basic number line, and gives way to greater possibilities. It is suggestive of the fact that every end leads to a new beginning and newer, grander prospects.

The maiden venture of OU Infra Projects, 9 Grand Avenue , a luxurious residential condominium  was launched in 2018 and  was an instant hit because of its unique value proposition. Next in line was 9 Arcadia , a premium living integrated with exquisite architectural designs giving rise to  a luxurious residential condominium. This project was also very well received.

The year 2021 marks the dawn of NAWAH Boulevardat Raghunathpur, in form of spacious apartments, exclusive penthouses, and British era architecture. Even before launch of the project the company has garnered appreciation for its bold move and iconic landmark ideas.