Vegetable Prices Shoot up leaves Consumers in despair in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Due to continuous rain and in the religious month Kartika, the prices of the seasonal green vegetables have escalated to an unexpected point. Now that Kartika Purnima is passed, so the price of the vegetables was expected to fall, but it has not happened as expected.  The majority of the green vegetables are now selling above Rs 60 and Rs. 80 per kilo irrespective of the retail and wholesale markets in Odisha.

During the month of Kartika, the sellers were citing that because of a higher in vegetables in the holy month, as most of the people prefer to consume vegetarian food across the state prices of vegetables had taken a sudden hike.
But post-Kartika Purnima, the prices of the vegetables continue to remain the same. It is mid-November and during this time the availability of vegetables should have been more and the price also usually drops. Whereas the vendors are reasoning a less supply of vegetables from states like neighbouring Andra Pradesh and others due to constant rainfall in the states. The has ruined crops and farms.

As local supply has not come to the market, the price of the regular vegetables like tomato has maintained a higher price but some seasonal veggies such as cauliflower and others have fallen a little. Many of the vegetables have not come to the market yet due to the rain. ” said a vendor in Bhubaneswar.