Sterlite Power wins a INR 1500 crore Goa power transmission system strengthening project

Mumbai: Sterlite Power has successfully acquired the Goa-Tamnar Transmission Project Limited. The project will deliver an incremental 400kV feed to Goa and scale up the transmission network for power evacuation from generation projects pooled at Raigarh (Chattisgarh).With fifteen power transmission projects including three in Brazil, Sterlite Poweris poised to significantly increase its current market share of 30% of the PPP market.

The Raigarh pool in Chattisgarh had been facing high-fault levels and this project aims at creating an alternative path of evacuation. The project will help address the quality of power transfer from generating stations connected to the Raigarh pool.

Commenting on the development, the Group CEO of Sterlite Power, Mr. Pratik Agarwal said, “We are excited to win this prestigious project that will create higher quality of power supply across the two states. With this acquisition, we have increased our footprint of inter-state transmission projects to 21 states. Significantly, we are committed to delivering this project also ahead-of-schedule as has been our track record.’