Experts suspect foul as absentees raise in Matriculation examination in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: An unusual problem came to notice during the current year’s class 10 Summative-2 examinations which is leaving many educationists and academicians perplexed. The Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha has started conducting the exam on April 29, thousands of examinees who had filled their forms for writing the exam did not showed up. This has raised suspicion among the educationists.

In Kendrapara, at Binapani Nodal High school in Ishwarpur village, Rajnagar block, there were total 170 examinees who had filled up forms for the class 10 examinations whereas only 139 students have appeared for the exam and 31 were absent. The head master of the school has said that they were instructed by the DEO to fill up the forms of all the students who had applied for the summative -1 exams before. A few of the parents of these absent examinees said that many of the students have started working in different States. Whereas the admit cards of the absent students have reached at the schools as per the statements of the principals of the schools.

This situation shows that it is not the full picture rather just the tip of the iceberg. If the data is assessed from the District Education Officers (DEOs) it will give the extent of the problem and the exact number of the absentees in this year ‘s exam. The accurate data will surely be baffling.

To take an example of a district from the interior Odisha. The Mayurbhanj district documented 36,886 form fill-ups, out of those 4549 students are absent from the exam. Besides, 3316 students were absent from 27,318 students in the Bolangir district, and 1450 students were absent in the Cuttack district out of 31,536 students.

Absentees in such a huge number has forced the educationists to think and concern over certain possible alarms. Academician Satyakam Mishra said, “If a student remains absent for a long span, s/ he should not be allowed to fill up the examination form. This indicates a clear case of conspiracy. Because the schools get more grants with an increased number of students”.