Prime Minister Modi and BJP Leaders Visit Odisha for Election Campaign

Bhubaneswar, 6 MAY: BJP President JP Nadda and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are going to visit Odisha for the campaign of the upcoming Lok Sabha and assembly election to be conducted on 13th May. On Saturday, the external affairs minister Jaishankar visited Odisha for two days to meet the elites, intellectuals and journalists.

Narendra Modi will be addressing two rallies in the Berhampur and Nabrangpur Lok Sabha constituencies on Monday. The prime minister will visit the state twice in week time to hold road shows and political rallies. The ruling party in the centre putting its best ability to take over the governance from the BJD, the Naveen government, in Odisha.

The party president JP Nadda will be visiting this time to look into the election strategies for the election. The party chief will be attending various party programs at Cuttack as well as Bhubaneswar. The external affairs minister had addressed the issue of Odisha being lagging in many aspects, in terms of development, even though it is extremely rich in resources both natural and human resources.

The state has to have a government with dedication and commitment which will take the state to the level of development that has not been achieved as it should be. To see the state grow and experience the deserved progress, it needs an energetic government, that would work hand in hand with the centre. Stated S. Jaisankar in a press conference on Saturday. He further adds the BJP government in the centre has been providing funds for Odisha which is not executed properly, the schemes like PM Kisan Yojana and Ayushman Bharat have not been implemented in the state.

At the G20 summit, India hosted lately, the prime minister used a replica of the Konark chakra ( wheel) from Puri as a backdrop for his welcome handshake with the delegates who came from foreign countries. It suggests the respect of the prime minister towards Odisha’s culture and heritage as well as the kind of representation and admiration Odisha got from it on a global platform. It not only showcased the rich culture of Odisha but also boosted the tourism of the state, says the external affairs minister.

So he pledged the people of Odisha to vote for the BJP for the holistic development of the state.