Power disconnection drive by CESU in 9 Districts in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: 16.01.2020: The Central Electricity Supply Utility ( CESU) has started the disconnection of electricity supply to various households and commercial set ups in 9 Districts of Odisha from today. CESU has planned to begin this process of collecting the unpaid amount of electricity consumption bills from those who have failed to pay their electricity bills. It has started from khurdha by snapping off electricity supply from 53 commercial places. CESU has formed and deployed 39 squad for this work. The squads are going to visit different villages and townships for collecting the unpaid/pending bills. It has plans to disconnect power supply to more than seven lakh consumers.
The company is planning to drive this process of collecting the pending arrears in a phased way. CESU has a pending arrears of Rs. 1, 971 crore as a huge number of consumers did not bother to clear their bills despite several notifications. The company said that around 11,397 villages are going to lose their power supply. We will start by terminating power supply from the commercial consumers first then from the domestic consumers.
-OA Bureau