Manipur Cricket Association proposes Reciprocal Exchange Program with Odisha Cricket Association

Cuttack: Manipur Cricket Association has proposed Odisha Cricket Association for a Reciprocal Exchange Program between the two cricket associations to aid the development of the cricketers from both the associations. Manipur Cricket Association Joint Secretary K. Bobin Singh laid down this proposal during his visit and meeting with OCA secretary Sanjaya Behera, on Thursday evening.

He also stated that the Manipur Cricket Association is in its early stages of inception and partnering with Odisha Cricket Association, will help them develop cricketing ecosystem in the state of Manipur. This exchange program will not only provide the perfect exposure for the young and budding cricketers of their State to develop their gameplay, but also give them a rare and unique opportunity to experience first-hand the playing conditions in a non-native environment which will benefit them in the long run.

During the discussion, Sanjay Behera outlined the initiatives and the programs undertaken by Odisha Cricket Association for the greater development of the game of Cricket in Odisha, particularly emphasizing on the much ambitious Vision@2024 program.
He also promised to wholeheartedly assist in any sort of technical help or expertise needed by the Manipur Cricket Association to develop the game of cricket in their state. The exchange program not only develop the cricket but also develop a strong & cordial bonding in both the states.

-Odisha Age