LPG Cooking Gas To Cost Twofold From April Onwards

Bhubaneswar: The burden of common people is going to be double as the cooking gas price is going to hike in twofold from April 2022. The common mass are already distressed by inflation and the sudden rise price in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cooking cylinders will give a jolt to the people after petrol and diesel.

As reported there has been a large scarcity of gas all over the world and it can influence India from April 2022. As a result of this, the cost of LPG cylinders possibly can double across the country.

Other than the price rise of LPG, the other variants of gas and power supplies like compressed natural gas (CNG), Piped Natural Gas (PNG), and even electricity more likely to get a price hike in the coming times. The consumers will bear a heavy cost for their day to day expenses especially petroleum goods.

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine adding fodder to this fuel price rise as Russia supplies a huge amount of gas to European countries through its multi-million dollar transcontinental pipelines.

As it is evident that the supply is inadequate as compared to the demand. Now gradually,
the world economy is reviving from the torment of the Covid pandemic. Simulataneouly the demand for energy is increasing all over the world but there are no concrete steps taken to fulfil it.  Therefore the situation has led to a considerable rise in gas rates. The impact of shortage of gas in the global market will bring a huge difference in the Indian market and it will lead to price hike in natural gas as well as LPG cooking gas from April 2022.