James Uncle – the Confluence of daily Household needs and corresponding Occupational solutions

Kolkata: In our daily life the list of requirements in our houses are quite long – From meeting our daily household chores of life to creating memories through photographers to managing accounts and taxes, visiting doctors to searching teachers, contacting babysitter to Panditji, calling plumber to looking for nearest mechanic on the road, finding urgent contact information in the emergencies – we all need to carry huge directories or to overflow our mobile memories with detailed information.

Besides, for any requirement, we would require a person from the nearest area because we cannot expect a repairer to come from the other part of the city. A local guy is preferred considering reliability, availability and saving of time. But In today’s fast paced life, it is very hard for us to keep contacts with everybody with full information within our locality. 

On the other hand, for self-employed professionals, it is a regular challenge for them to get in touch with the right customers according to their timely needs. Except the famous or already established individuals, most of the self-employed persons need to depend on the occurrence of chance, or get referred through known circle, or to wait near roadside corner-stations-bus stop-teashop type known common places for the hope of assignments into new works and incomes. 

So, to deal with abovechallenges and to build a bridge between the House holders (Customers) and the self-employed professionals, the unique search engine named “James Uncle” (www.jamesuncle.com) has been launched on 27th September 2018, said Mr Partha Pratim Chakraborty Project Coordinator,James Uncle.

www.jamesuncle.com is a common platform for all, where,

  • One customer can find the rightly skilled person for the solution of household & family life relatedrequirements. And,
  • A Platform for self-employed professionals to easily get searched by customers and to get calls for jobs.

One can easily surf the website to find any desired professional by simply putting the Area name and profession name; Else, by just a call to 844 844 0131, Jamesuncle customer care team providescontact information of several relevant professionals within the caller’s locality through WhatsApp and SMS. Then the caller/customer has the full freedom to choose & deal with any or all of them.

In addition, recently the special click-to-call number 033 4083 8787 has been introduced for the interest of Jamesuncle users (registered professionals), so that the call-receiver can easily track & differentiate the incoming call (from 033 4083 8787) as an important-job-call to deal with. 

During the ongoing pandemic situation,www.jamesuncle.comhas appeared to be significantly relevant, when moving outside became limitedfor everyone. However, it is to highlight that, while “Social gathering” has been replaced by “social distancing”,the Jamesuncle website has been playing an important role to make communication among people to generate continuous work opportunities and satisfying several household needs.

Team James-uncle’ is highly optimistic for the day when much more daily jobs shall be generated for all individual self-employed professionals and when www.jamesuncle.com will be a part of every family to satisfy their everyday needs said Mr Siddhartha Chakraborty – Consultant,James Uncle.