Fresher hiring becoming increasingly challenging for recruiters, finds survey

  • 65% of recruiters surveyed said that understanding the capability of a fresher on the basis of their resume is the biggest challenge.
  • Nearly 70% of the freshers processed have below-par communication skills, as per recruiters surveyed
  • 57% of recruiters felt that the engineering freshers they hire do not have the necessary technical skills required of their profiles, including coding skills. The corresponding number for non-engineering graduates (MCA) was 35%

Bhubaneswar:, one of India’s leading end to end online recruitment and career solutions portals, today released a survey on Hiring Freshers: Challenges Faced by Recruiters. The survey, conducted across 10 cities with 850 recruiters from 10 industries/sectors, understands the challenges recruiters address while hiring freshers. The survey also takes a look at the skills and qualities that recruiters are looking for, in freshers.

With freshers making up the major chunk of annual hiring for most mid and large sized organizations, recruiters and companies invest a lot of time and effort in ensuring that they find the right talent.  While recruiting freshers offers the most cost-effective means of hiring entry-level talent, hiring them brings its own set of challenges for hiring managers

Mr. Ajay Kolla, Founder & CEO, said, “Be it campus hiring or large-scale walk-in drives, recruiters and companies grapple with several problems that are unique to fresher recruitment. From sketchy resumes and insufficient practical exposure to unrealistic expectations about the job and attitudinal issues, recruiters feel are some of the problems which companies deal with as they try to onboard fresher talent.”