Apollo Hospitals introduced cell therapy treatment for Orthopaedic patients

Bhubaneswar: Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s leading super speciality hospital has introduced a new cell therapy treatment for Orthopaedic patients suffering from bone and cartilage injuries and diseases. This is for the first time in our state such a new procedure is being introduced.

Chondron  is a treatment where autologous chondrocytes are implanted. This helps treat defects in the cartilage in the joints. Regrow’s revolutionary cell therapy treatment makes repair possible through a permanent, easy and natural way to regain function.

Ossron and Chondron, the two cell therapy treatment methods which have been developed to cater to sports injuries, accidents and alternate to hip replacements and knee replacements in early stages of osteoarthritis. Ossron for bone treatment is the first such product in the world, while Chondron for cartilage treatment is the first in India and third in the world. The regenerative cell growth company have tied up to make available the treatment therapy through all Apollo Hospitals group.

Knee-joint pain is not only a part of wear and tear associated with aging, but can also occur in relatively younger age due to various causes. Age-related wear and tear of smooth and low-friction joint cartilage leading to Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of joint pains. Initially, it may affect only a part of the knee joint and there could be a loss of a patch of cartilage. This is in contrast to the late stage of the disease, in which a large part of a joint or whole joint may be affected, said Dr. Smarajit Patnaik, Sr. Orthopaedic Surgeon of Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar.

An avant-garde technique has been introduced to repair the damaged joint cartilage if it is limited to a small portion. This may be applicable to Early Osteoarthritis. In this technique, a small part of joint cartilage is taken by a keyhole method and is grown in a special manner to convert it into stem cells in the laboratory. This is then applied on an area showing loss of joint cartilage in a limited area. Stem cells lead to a growth of joint cartilage in defective area, thus leading to normal new cartilage.  Major procedure like a joint replacement may be prevented in these selected cases with joint carriage loss in the limited area, informed Dr. Smarajit Patnaik. Sr Consultant  with special interest in joint preservation , reconstruction  and replacement procedures.

This latest cell therapy technology for knee and hip pain can help re-grow cells and alleviate bone and cartilage problems. It has immense potential to liberate patients from joint pain.  The therapy involves a keyhole surgery into the patient’s knees to calculate the extent of damage to the cartilage, a small section of the cartilage is then harvested from the joint, and the cells cultured in a lab for about four weeks before being implanted into the damaged area, he added.

This is the only treatment for large defects and damages to the cartilage. It can help postpone the need for a replacement significantly and allow the patient to resume their normal routine in about three to six months.

Addressing on the occasion Shri Sudhir M. Diggikar, Regional CEO of Apollo Hospitals, Odisha & Chhattisgarh said, “As you are that Apollo Hospitals is always in the forefront in introducing newer technologies, procedures and protocols to treat ailments effectively, economically and with lot of compassion. I am pleased to inform the launch of the innovative “Regenerative Cell Treatment” to combat Knee & Hip pain. Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar will conduct workshops and Continuous Medical Education for doctors on this new technology.”

-By Odisha Age