An elderly man got successful TAVI at AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: An 83-years-old man was admitted with recurrent fainting (loss of consciousness) and breathlessness. On evaluation he was found to have severe calcific aortic stenosis. The treating doctor, Dr. Dibya Ranjan Behera, Cardiologist, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar said, “This is a heart disease where one of the valves, which connect the left ventricle with the aorta  was tightly stenosed. In simple words, the exit gate of the left side of  heart was almost blocked so that oxygenated blood was unable to go the major blood pipe at the speed which is required. When such patient do slightest exertion blood flow to the brain decreases and he will get fainting attack, which is sometimes deadly. Coronary arteries also got less blood flow and he will get chest pain (angina) and even heart attack. The blood in the lungs get stuck and causes breathlessness.”

This is one of the very fatal (deadly) diseases which should be immediately treated. The treatment is simply replacing the damaged aortic valve called “Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR)”. This was usually  done by open heart surgery.

He also said, “But in many patients like very elderly, with other severe comorbidities open heart surgery is considered as high risk. Recently with the advancement of science, this procedure can be done by catheter intervention only, without need of open heart surgery. This is called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation/Replacement ( TAVI/ TAVR).

“TAVI has revolutionized modern day cardiac intervention in terms of its usefulness and benefits in elderly high risk patients.”

A cardiac team led by Dr. Behera  did  TAVI successfully using balloon expandable valve-  MyVal in this 83-years-old gentleman. Needless to say that he was discharged home within 2 to 3 days of the procedure. Now he was able to do all his works without any symptoms.

The patient and the patient family are very happy and expressed their gratitude to AMRI Hospitals management as well as the treating doctors Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra (CTVS surgeon), Dr. Vivek Chowdhury and Dr B. Rath, Cardiac anesthesiologists and entire Cathlab team, CCU team for this remarkable accomplishment.

“AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar is doing very high-end and advanced surgeries with the state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. These type of patient care and treatments will uplift the medical facilities of the State.”,  Said, Ms. Nilanjana Mukherjee, Vice President & Unit Head , AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar.