Waiting For That Spring To Come

Bhubaneswar: Spring is the union of winter and Summer. Spring is the symbol of youth and beauty. It has not only been observed in Indian traditions and sentiments but in every civilisation and culture all across the globe since time immemorial. The spring brings happiness and joy – not just to human beings but in every manifestation of nature. So when nature prepares itself for the summer after the winter then the spring decorates the earth in colourful beauty with its gentle touch and equations. From the trees to the sky, everywhere the spring shows its artistic touch. The man tends to forget for some time the nerve-wracking cold experienced in the winter and the scorching heat to be coming in the summer during the soothing climate of the spring. It is celebrated as the season of festivities, merrymaking and rejoicing in all parts of the world.

Society is changing, civilization is changing and even the climatic conditions of the world is also shifting, simultaneously spring also becomes rare for people day by day. Now, in the advent of spring nature does not get filled with greenery or the pleasant winds does not exhilarate our minds anymore. Nowadays, the summer arrives even before the exit of the winter. In between the winter and the summer unseasonal rains, storms, low-pressure hits us. No matter what scientific experiments state in this regard, our mythology has already taught us that in the cycle of every civilisation and culture such changes occur. In the past, many catastrophes have raised, civilisations have collapsed, innumerable instructions have been organised, and millions of species have been disappeared from the surface of the earth forever. We human beings are only responsible for these mishaps. Then another civilization takes place there. People have tried to adapt to the new environment. So only indicates and proves that change is the ultimate truth. Here it is worth reflecting on what has the human race learnt from this. It is the primary responsibility of every animal on the planet to make sure that change should not be man-made and it should not break the law of nature.

Today, we are living with happiness because our ancestors had preserved these resources for us. So we should also be protecting and preserving the world for a healthy life for our future generations. Now, climate change and global warming are the outcomes of our lack of concern, leisurely lifestyle and excessive progress of materialistic things. This lifestyle and nonchalant attitude have been shrinking our happiness and peace. Still, in the seasonal cycles, the winter, summer, monsoon and spring are coming and will be coming. It is the responsibility of the human race, to keep it balanced. It can be hoped to witness a world where all the seasons touch the earth to make it more beautiful and joyous. On the other can’t the world should be prevailed with compassion, brotherhood and good fortune. Then it would be called an arrival of a real spring, a new progression of relationships between a man with nature, a man with animals and a man with another man will be born. If this feeling floods everyone’s mind then there will be the colour of spring, the colour of holi and the ecstasy of joy everywhere.