Mother’s Recipe reveals the secret of ‘Husband ko saas ke samne nachane ki recipe’ in its new TVC campaign ‘Life ko Spicy banao’

Bhubaneswar : A little excitement is required to break the monotony of our everyday life. Food is something that can elevate your mood and create happiness instantly. Keeping this perspective in mind Mother’s Recipe, one of India’s leading FMCG brands has launched a new TVC for its Desi Szechwan with No added MSG under its subcategory ‘Recipe’. Through this ad film, the brand aims to convey how consumers can bring spice not only to their food but also add spice to their life by using Recipes’ Desi Szechwan.

The newly launched second TVC is an extension of the campaign ‘Life ko spicy banao’. Life without fun, adventure, and excitement is bound to get boring. The TVC portrays a funny & light-hearted narrative, wherein the wife demonstrates ‘how to’ – husband ko saas ke saamne nachane ki recipe. The brand illustrates a creative allowing homemakers to try out different fusion combinations. The campaign intends to connect with today’s youth by creating smaller memorable moments. The best bit of Recipe’s Desi Szechwan is that it does not contain MSG and is prepared using the highest quality ingredients.

Commenting on the latest TVC launch Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe, said “Our latest campaign ‘Life ko spicy banao’ spotlights occasions where Recipe’s Desi Szechwan can turn otherwise mundane moments into much more memorable ones by bringing in a delicious twist. We love to experiment, push ourselves and reach out to the audience in a different way. Through our new TVC, we want to connect with the youth and resonate as a brand, which is different, genuine yet exciting”.

-Odisha Age