The issue of Ram Mandir: religious dominion or political stint

The Ram temple consecration has been a long-fought battle going on for 200 years. Now that has taken the form of a movement for millions of Indians with several milestones surrounded by many brutal pasts. As the historical notoriety of our nation indicates, the temples have been the centre of attraction for rubbery at various periods of many foreign rulers in India. The demolition of the Ram Temple was also one of the many temple destructions and robberies that occurred in the past brutal events by the foreign invaders in India.

The inauguration of Ayodhya Ram Temple has garnered expected diametrically opposite reactions. Some perceive the pran pratistha as a sanctification of Hinduism in the form of a political religion and for others, this symbolises an establishment of a new chapter or a new Bharat, and a consciousness centred in India. While the proponents are celebrating the successful pranpratistha of Ram Lalla, the opponents are worried about the inception of a new formidable sliding for the future of the nation.

It was previously proposed by many publications that the new Ram Temple be rebuilt on the grounds of the razed Babri Masque. The opposition and various other political leaders pass provocative statements to malign the minds of the people and propagate diverse communal mindsets.

Just before the 2024 elections, there have been many aberrations about the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya by the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
At the same time, there has been a continuous ruckus about the invites of guests to the occasion. Whether the government is playing any political agenda in the selection of guest lists to the occasion as primarily it is a religious function satiating the emotions of millions of Hindus in the country. Criticism arises regarding the nature of the non-secular attitude of the government. Most parts of the nation observed this as a perception of faith, belief and spirituality. The history depicts the reconstruction and revival of the Ram temple as a spiritual right of Hindu devotees.

Addressing the propaganda spreading that the Ram temple is going to be a divisive project that will divide the country and break the people into pieces, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech that Ram is not fire but rather valour, brightness, and spark. It represents inclusion, compassion, and pride for the whole of the nation. The prime minister again reiterated, that three mandatory weapons are struggle/fight, victory and decency. The Supreme Court has saved the innocent justice in this regard as the temple has been constructed in a way without taking the law into its own hands and using political or communal weapons.

The construction and consecration of Ram temple has been a legal, political and social issue. The inauguration of the Ram temple indicates achieving a juncture that can lead the ruling political party, BJP, to a visionary success. As the Prime Minister stated in his speech, this was the beginning of a new era.