Tata Projects sets new benchmark; completes first part of metro tunneling without any disruption to the normal life of citizens of Lucknow in a record time

Bhubaneswar: TATA Projects Limited, one of India’s fastest growing and most admired infrastructure companies, and Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) today announced that they have completed Lucknow Secretariat to Hazratganj underground Tunnel Boring Project in the most seamless, disruption free manner and in the fastest time period. LMRC and TATA Projects achieved the completion of the tunnel of 812 meters within 5 months (excluding 1½ months of waiting period to confirm breakthrough dates) of its commencement under the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) project. The 75 meter long TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) – Gomti saw the light at the end of tunnel and come out in the open (breakthrough) near Sahu Cinema at Hazratganj.

The state of the art onboard computerized tunnel guidance system have been provided in the TBM to ensure that the tunneling is done as per the designed alignment to the highest level of accuracy. Extensive instrumentation has been done throughout the underground stretch and continuous online and real time monitoring is done by a team of dedicated experts to ensure safety during TBM operation.

The TBM – ‘Gomti’, successfully constructed this tunnel below the dense city center areas of Sachivalaya (the Secretariat area) & Hazratganj (Heritage Building area) without any disturbance to the buildings, public utilities and traffic on the land above. LMRC and TATA Projects have accomplished the difficult mission of not affecting the working of commercial establishments even for a day while tunneling beneath them. TATA Projects will now install Gomti to construct another tunnel between the Sachivalaya and Hussainganj Metro Station as the next part of the construction plan.

Mr. Kumar Keshav, Managing Director – Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation said, “This unique achievement was only possible due to the hardwork and commitment of Lucknow Metro Project team. The tunneling in this stretch posed an enormous technical challenge as the route passes beneath highly congested areas and basements of commercial establishments to lay the tracks at the depth of 12 to 15 meters below ground level. With this ‘breakthrough’, LMRC achieved one of the biggest milestones in form of completion of first TBM drive in the construction of underground metro in the state of Uttar Pradesh.”

Upon achieving this unique feat, Mr. Vinayak Deshpande, Managing Director – TATA Projects Limited said, “Due to many heritage structures the stretch was highly challenging. With excellent guidance from LMRC team, state of the art TBMs and dedicated, passionate project team, the daunting task was completed in a world class manner with outstanding quality and before time completion. We all at Tata projects feel very proud of this accomplishment and thank LMRC, people of Lucknow for the cooperation extended.”

TATA Projects is executing the Designing & Construction project of overall underground track of 3.67 KMs Charbagh Metro Station to KD Singh Babu Stadium Metro Station. Under the project estimated at INR 1,190 Crores, TATA Projects will also construct 3 Underground Metro Stations at Hussain Ganj, Sachivalaya and Hazratganj) which included Architectural Finishes, Electrical and Mechanical System (E&M), Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS) and Environment Control System (ECS) on the North-South Corridor of Lucknow MRTS, Phase 1 A Project. The company is implementing Top-Down Construction Methodology for Station construction wherein the permanent structure is built from top to bottom of the basement along with the excavation.

“Today’s feat is a milestone achievement, during the last 5 months this very complex project was executed in one the busiest of the areas and there was no disruption to the common man. We are sure that Lucknow Metro will prove to be a model Metro Rail project of the country and will be showcased as one of the best Metro Rail projects in the country”, added Mr. Vivek Singhal, Chief Operating Officer – Tata Projects Urban Infra.