Rare brain aneurysm treatment by Interventional Radiology at Shanti Memorial Hospital

Bhubaneswar: Aneurysm in the brain is a complex Neurovascular disease with deadly consequences once they bleed. Bleeding of brain aneurysm causes serious brain hemorrhage called Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) 30% of patient experiencing aneurysmal SAH could actually never reach a hospital, as they die of the first bleed of the aneurysm. Hence aptly a Brain Aneurysm is called a “Bomb in the Brain”.  Typically, Treatment of Brain aneurysm involves opening the brain, finding the aneurysm and clipping the aneurysm. Clipping a brain aneurysm is often complicated and involves serious repercussions. Hence, medical science has moved in the direction of minimally invasive treatment of brain aneurysm called “coiling of brain aneurysm”. Coiling of brain aneurysm is done through a single puncture in the leg blood vessel. The coiling operation is the most Morden way to treat brain aneurysm and this is done without opening the skull. This has high success rate and least compilation.

Shanti Memorial Hospital is committed to bring in the cutting edge technology to the citizens of this part of the country with affordable price. A 23 year old girl from Baripada had sudden severe headache yesterday and collapsed to the floor. She was rushed to Shanti Hospital. Necessary investigations found that she had a very large ruptured brain aneurysm measuring 22 mm, in the mid brain. This is a life threatening condition and needed immediate attention. A team was immediately formed headed by Dr Sibasankar Dalai, Dr Sreejoy Patnaik,Dr. Rekha Das , Dr . Avijit Prusty, Dr. P. Nath and Dr Priya Tripathy.The patient was taken up for emergency aneurysm coiling. A successful coiling of the ruptured 22 mm aneurysm was done over several hours by the team of experts and a precious young life is saved.