The Common People Bearing the Brunt

Bhubaneswar: It’s been two years since corona has come into our life. Everyone has experienced the suffering that corona has caused, common people have gone through an irreparable crisis. The price hike of both cooking oil and fuel for transportation has gone up drastically. It is getting hard for common middle-class people to buy vegetables and general grocery items. Now that the holy month (Kartika) has arrived, generally, vegetables go higher on price and non-veg items take a down foot, as most of the people don’t eat non-veg. But this year, the price rise of the vegetables has broken all records. People are experiencing a hard time as no vegetable is below Rs. 60-80. It is convenient to blame the traders on every matter. Price of petrol and diesel are skyrocketing, in such a situation how can the consumer market be left out of its impact. Moreover, rising electricity tariff has a direct impact on everything. Starting from domestic use to industrial use electricity tariff hike is burdening doubly. Apart from that, unannounced power cuts is a headache. In such a way patrol and diesel prices are rising day by day, it seems the government is not just robbing the owners of two-wheelers and four-wheelers but from the large vehicles used in goods transportation and the heavy equipment used in construction have become three-four times expensive. Retailers are facing more problems in buying goods and vegetables from the wholesale market and warehouse because of the rising transportation Price. Then the retailers are left with no other choice but to transfer the costs of heavy prices to the common consumers. Consumers are now afraid of going to the market. People were hoping that the government will find a solution for the oil price hike. But the government has turned silent on this. No effective effort seems to be taken from the government’s side to control the price hike. It would not be wrong to say that the common consumer’s confidence in the ruling party has been eroded.

The people’s financial backbone has been paralyzed by the corona infection. People have lost their livelihood. On top of that, the market situation has been disappointing. The smallest family could feed themselves in as many quality of foods, now it has come down to its half. The net income of the edible oil supplying entrepreneurs has been multiplied billions of times during this corona as they have the privilege of the government. if the government can curb the profitable strategies of multinational corporations then it can be hoped that the deteriorating economic conditions could be better.

But, unfortunately, the profit-hungry entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the covid crisis. The market is full of duplicate materials and the consumers are fooled by this. The poor consumers have become nothing but helpless.