Quality of Education is Declining in the Greed of Promotion

Bhubaneswar: There is an inextricable link between research and development. It is futile to expect development from any field without researching that. Research is being done at various academies across the country. In earlier times, it used to take many years to develop a vaccine for any disease. In that case, the development of the corona vaccine in our country over a years is no lesser a big deal. It is a time-consuming process to grant clearance to any vaccine. Multiple organisations or institutions are making efforts to make the vaccine. Performing research has now become simpler and easier thanks to the advancement of communication and technology than ever before. On the one hand, experienced researchers have been preparing detailed reports for a long time, while others have been trying to mislead the public. As a result, the work of scholarly researchers becomes worthless. People are confused and don’t know who to trust.

In the year 2020, research by scientists and medical experts has significantly increased during the corona pandemic. During this time millions of research articles were published in various journals. On the one hand, scientific research is on the rise, but some do not have the quality of writing. Poor writing can never do good to society or any institution. One has to understand that the writings of such self-promotion researchers are only for themselves. Graphs written in scientific terms are usually emphasized. These images need to be people-centred, not market-centric. During the time of pandemic many rumours have come out such as side effects of any medicine or death of patients after getting vaccinated and corona can be cured with a particular medicine etc. Later, the Union Ministry of Health and the head of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences has given explanations in this regard. This is because half of the research did not reach conclusions. Such kind of information is creating confusion and fear in society. The situation has become such that some covid patients during their treatment are dying after receiving this false news. Action must be taken against researchers who provide such false and misleading information. Whether it is political or research related to the medical field, it should not be disclosed without any intellectual review. This is the moral responsibility of researchers and informants. This misleading research has led to the spread of falsehoods in society. This needs to be curbed.

These studies, which are published without credible evidence, are spreading rapidly on social media. Images, voices and videos of such false studies are being altered to be disseminated further. As a result, this information is getting more and more confusing when it comes from one person to another. Such a situation arises when democratic organisations become the government’s puppet, teachers and intellectuals are dictated by the government. No text can be made public without theoretical, judicial, and empirical research. Surveys and research, the logical analysis of knowledge and information is the hallmark of intellectuals. However, in today’s internet age some self-promoting researchers are busy copying. In the fear of getting caught within the country, these researchers steal references from other researchers around the world, modify them and publish research papers in their names. A beautiful reference is made after years of research on a subject. But now, some people who call themselves eminent researchers are copying references of other researchers from the internet and publishing them in various journals. The most important thing is, these researchers are praised and rewarded by the government and some private organisations as well. Millions of researchers are being created these days, but guides are rarely found. The number of fake researchers is increasing because of our flawed teaching methods. In today’s education system, there is no promotion without a degree. So in the greed of promotion, being in a job, they are getting certificates from anonymous universities. This certificate is helping them give promotion. It is futile to expect development in any field if the quality of education and research is declining. The government needs to take action against researchers who spread such lies.