Chief Minister Launches Drink- From-Tap Mission for Puri

Bhubaneswar: The Government has launched the Drink-From-Tap Mission in Puri City. Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik has inaugurated the mission on 26 July. Puri will get Drink- From- Tap facility which is a 24×7 water supply facility. This is the first city all over the country to get this facility.

Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik said, “Every family will get 24 hour drinking water directly from the rap at their home.  Puri will be the first city in the country to avail this facility.

This mission is the first step to make the Holy city a world class historical city. This is one of the  many other plans and missions have been introduced to make the city a world class historical city. From this facility not only the inhabitants of the city but also all tourists who visit the Devine place from across the world are going to be benefited. Around 2,50000 people will be benefited from this mission initiated by the state government. The Drink From Tap Mission is going to provide drinking water to each and every household of the Puri city.  The people can drink water directly from the tap.

The sources said this is not the only city which is going to avail this facility but the government is planning to launch the same mission in 16 more cities in the state.