‘Lagaam’: An Odia Movie on the Plight of Migrant Labourers During Lockdown

Bhubaneswar: With the havoc of Covid-19 pandemic, there are thousands of people who have lost their jobs and livelihood. Millions of migrant labourers have gone through the enormous hazard on multiple ways physically , mentally and most importantly financially. Many families are ruined after losing family members and sources of income. It’s a devastating situation in every possible way.

Even though people from almost all the strata have suffered the brunt of the virus, but the daily wage migrant labourers are affected more adversely. The constant imposition of lockdown and restraint from transport facilities compel them to get exposed to the virus even more. Being deprived of work and earning they had to stay or travel back home such detrimental circumstances.

Media has played a pivotal role in increasing awareness and spreading information with regard to the situation of the pandemic amongst the people. Different news networks and social media sites do a great job by depicting the predicament of people across the globe.

The Odia Film Industry, Ollywood is going to come up with a movie titled  as ‘Lagaam’ which depicts the plight of migrant labourers and the brutal reality of their journey from village to cities and vice versa. Thus movie will be produced by Ranjit Kumar Sahoo. The movie comprises of suspense, drama, love and comedy. It depicts all the emotions of a human being who goes out on a search of livelihood and with a sudden hit of a pandemic how his/her life takes a turn, Stated by the director of the movie Pinu Nayak. Shooting of the movie is ongoing and will be released soon.