Human Life is Trapped Within Internet Data

Bhubaneswar: About thirty years ago people have not even heard of the internet, but now it has become an inseparable part of our lives. The Internet has brought a revolution in people’s life. In everyday life, almost all of the work is being done with the help of the internet and computer. Many of us believe that because of the internet people’s life has been easy and comfortable. Everyone, from the children to the youth and middle-aged mass, are more excited about the Internet today. On the other hand, the maximum use of the internet has become harmful for everyone. It is a reality that, the misuse of this facility is gradually pushing us into the darkness. Due to Internet access, the youth of today’s time are more fascinated towards vulgarity rather than knowledge. This is as sad as it is stressful.

The Internet came to be used in India for the first time on 15 August 1995. It has completed 26 years in India. As per the record, the number of internet users in our country was 79.51 crores by 2020. In March 2021, it has increased to 82.53 crores. The internet revolution has created new possibilities in the field of information technology, but the negative impact is coming to light. The childhood and the student life of the children are missing in this era of the internet. Since the last few years, information and technology have progressed rapidly. It has completely changed the lifestyle of the students. The younger generation doesn’t want to stay away from smartphones even for a second. It had become an addiction for them and it has replaced outdoor games and other learning activities. It has directly impacted the physical and mental growth of the children. The addiction to the Internet being unexpectedly increased in children is inviting danger by embedding insensitivity in the children.

Similarly, today a new terror has taken over the world, that is cyber terror. Such kinds of terror are being spread by the severe abuse of the internet to create instability in society. If terrorism threatens the government and the government programs or continues to steal data time and again then it will impede progress. On 1st October 1990, the Barnsley team had given information regarding the internet in a European testing centre for the first time. That internet has been spreading its terror in this modern world. The government has set up cyber cells to prevent crimes perpetrated through the internet, whereas this seems inadequate. To prevent such crimes there has to be awareness among the people.

The Internet can certainly be known as an indicator of progress and development but the remote control has been in the hands of the unaware, immature juveniles. This very fact is pushing society towards destruction rather than progress. It is confusing to decide whether the children or their parents are to be blamed for this. It is certainly a matter of concern that children nowadays are so addicted to phones and the internet. Even the poorest of families possess a smartphone, though they struggle to ends meet.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the sudden transition of the digital mode of teaching has given unsaid liberty to the children to use smartphones. This digitalisation of education and the teaching-learning process has slowly made the children silent and insensitive. The moment parents take their eyes off or after the classes are over the children start playing various games online. Presently, they have taken these games as their world. They tend to forget about their studies, outdoor activities, food, sleep everything. The maximum number of children are now addicted to this online gaming. The situation is such that the children become angry if the phones are snatched from them. They become irritated, depressed, and unhappy. They suddenly show less interest in studies and other household activities. Even the parents’ scoldings and teachings fail to put any impact on them. Nobody knows this trap of online games will head them to which destination.

In reality, the rapidly growing internet usage has dragged the future of children into darkness. Neither the government is showing any concern over this nor is the society. Unnecessary contexts are affecting our lives but we are ignoring the real issues. If this attitude continues then it will ruin the future of the children in no time. Instead of creative works and extracurricular activities, children are getting into computer data and the internet. The internet is not just affecting people’s life but is changing their lifestyle as well.